Palms II Chair

With his architectural background and roots in Chicago's progressive design scene, it's hardly surprising Jeff Vioski honed his design talents with his self-titled furniture collection. Now based in L.A. but with several showrooms across the U.S., the VIOSKI collection is a modernist's configurative dream. Exhibiting fine mid-century modern aesthetics, the collection puts beautiful form in its high functionality.

Nicholas Sectional

Working with the highest quality coverings (Glant Textiles, Spinneybeck Leather and Designtex Fabrics) and skilled craftsmanship in structural construction, VIOSKI emphasise longevity as well as comfort in each unique, handmade-to-order piece. Accentuating the company's promise to furnish your lifestyle with forms to please the body as much as the eye is the equal assurance of customisation; some pieces, such as the sectional sofas and Isola Lounge, are flexible by design, but custom orders requiring specific modifications are welcomed (a 34-foot Nicholas Sectional for a Hollywood Hills home which required a 75-foot crane to install is exemplary of the lengths to which they will go to ensure client satisfaction.)

Manhattan Bed

But if relaxing design purism isn't comfort enough, VIOSKI's environmentally ecological and socio-ecological ethics should have you sitting comfortably. With three levels of environmentally conscious manufacturing on offer, you can recline sublime knowing that your clean style is sustainable and the durability can be left to posterity. Equally important, though, is the social awareness aspect and theirs is prudent. Aside from the goodness of their hearts, they adhere to the sadly seldom seen yet simple business equation; be good to your employees and they will be good to you. So, if you like your style with substance, you're in good company with VIOSKI.

Aiden Iconsole

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