Lock up your loons, there's a sequel on the loose! Due to descend onto a big screen near you this May is the temperately anticipated The Descent: Part 2. Hailing as the directorial debut of one Jon Harris (also lending his skills as editor, which he's previously honed on the original instalment of ladies-in-caving-peril and the more recent hot horror topic, Eden Lake) this subterranean sequel certainly looks to be plummeting to some not insubstantial depths, and I don't mean geologically. 

Penned in part by Eden Lake writer/director, James Watkins, this follow up from Neil Marshall's glorious 2005 horror will see troubled heroine Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) return to the scene of rampant gut-munching horror that cost the lives of her friends. But is she the victim of unspeakable, murderous horror, or just a loon who's forgotten to take her meds?

Certainly that seems to be the precarious premise of a film which seems as desperate to unearth the hope of a bit of buried Brit talent as it is postulate what else might lie beneathe. The Descent was one of the more blantantly talented and ballsy modern horrors in the vein of Switchblade Romance which, minus SR's sadly try-hard twist ending, is happily entrenched in simplistic, escapist, survivalist horror. Sometimes, you just don't need psycho-drama interfering with pure terror (particularly where creatures are concerned) and unless you're cooking up the type of intelligent psycho-horror that can rest easily at the lofty heights achieved by something like Calvaire, this is something best left alone.

So, throw in a bunch of Americans on a witch hunt in a please-the-masses nonsense pseudopsycho 'twist' and what have you got? The Descent: Part 2 or: How I Learned To Start Worrying About Blatant Cinematic Bombs.

Looks about as enticing as Wrong Turn 2. What a pity. On the plus side, at least they seem to have dropped the misguided notion of a rather belated attempt at the born-tired, got in with a crowbar, numerical spelling i.e. The De2cent. (Um, that doesn't even make any sense.)

- F1ona