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WTF and the nation of Japan go together like Strawberries and cream, the Japanese are seemingly locked in an endless, industrious crusade to take things too far. Only Japan could produce a graphic novel featuring super cute animals that contains sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence.  Fritz the Cat liked the ladies (I was going to work in a pussy pun, but figured those of delicate sensibilities might cry) and Fat Freddy's Cat's owners like to get high, but they were not exactly cute. No only the Japanese could do this to animals beloved as pets to small children everywhere.

From WarmingGlow: "The 12-episode anime series of "real and fierce combat by cute and fluffy animals" updates the manga's premise by making the three soldiers part of a modern private military company. In the first episode, the three attempt to rescue hostages, but end up surrounded by guerrillas demanding the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces in the area... The project is still in the planning stages, and the studio is still looking for investors."

Trailer via Cinematical

Via: scarletscribe (twitter)