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Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Penny Woolcock (Tina Goes Shopping, The Death of Klinghoffer, Mischief Night) 1 DAY stars newcomers Dylan Duffus, Orhan Whyte, Yohance Watson and Tobias Duncan.

Flash (Duffus) wakes up to a phone call from Angel (Watson) announcing that he’s being released from prison and wants the £500k he’d left with Flash for safekeeping. Short of the full amount and pushed for time, Flash is forced to strike a deal with Evil (Duncan) who more than lives up to his name. 1 DAY follows Flash’s race against the clock as he’s pursued by a rival gang, the police, his three irate babymothers and his granny. Labled Britain’s first hip hop musical, 1 DAY boasts original music performed by the cast. The film mixes hip hop and grime tracks with gospel, reggae and spirituals providing a realistic, vibrant soundtrack to the story.

Filmed entirely on location on the inner-city streets of Birmingham, the film has utilized local talent both in front of and behind the camera, further enhancing the authenticity of the film. Penny Woolcock says: ‘Something terrible is happening to the young men in our inner cities. Boys are excluded from school; they then get bored and are easily drawn into street crime and drug dealing. Nobody cares that marginalised young black, asian or white men are killing each other. 1 DAY is a fiction not a documentary but it is telling a truth.’

1 Day is a Blast! Films production for Channel4 and Screen West Midlands - will be released in cinemas across the UK and Ireland by Vertigo Films on 4th September 2009.

“War Song” from the OST

Loft Cube

Whomever termed 'square' a word for dull frigidity has obviously never laid eyes on Werner Aisslinger's Loftcube. These individual life units take into consideration the dual purpose of the needs of urban dwellers and the use of their environment. Aisslinger's concept works on the principal of wasted city living space and can certainly be viewed as a relatively 'green' answer to urban overpopulation by making use of existing, unused spaces.

Aisslinger's recognition of modernity in urban dwelling, the lifestyle needs of the contemporary city-dweller, has been met in Loftcube. Pure sanctuary bodes harmoniously within city space, providing minimalist habitation within urban sprawl. Simultaneously secluded and yet open, Loftcube exists as a seemingly contradictory anomaly, though one which meets its remit with success and originality.

What is the essence of Loftcube? Cubed simplicity sits atop an existing building, providing the inhabitant with an unrivalled panorama. Within the unit, pared-down open-plan creates space within space as ample rooftop sunlight fills the cube from every side. Aisslinger's vision of a suburban rooftop 'neighbourhood' could well be realised with living thus, a sprawling microcosm of city life. Loftcube - the quintessence of cubist living.

Loft Cube

For more information or to place an order, visit Loftcube online at

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