Kiss Me Deadly

Every girl appreciates a bit of good lingerie, but it’s not always easy to find something that is sophisticated and sexy at the same time and also affordable.  I find Anne Summers stuff tacky as hell and pretty poor quality and Agent Provocateur for the most part way too expensive.  Google “lingerie” and the array of sites that come up featuring “wag-tastic shag wear” befuddles the mind.

Now maybe its thanks to the rather stupid trend of burlesque (stripping for the middle classes), but if so maybe I won’t knock it as much if its brought about “Kiss Me Deadly”, a somewhat brilliant collection of vintage inspired lingerie. Glamorous, Old-school, proper underwear for proper ladies, Kiss Me Deadly is designed for Femme Fatals, but better still is really affordable, especially as it’s so gorgeous. Averaging £25 for a bra, the pricing is more on par with Anne Summers, but the design and quality more in line with Agent Provocateur; it’s definitely worth checking out!

kiss me deadly

kiss me deadly

kiss me deadly

kiss me deadly

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