Video for Berry Weight's "Equations" which features vocalist Astrid Engberg.

The track is featured on their album Music for Imaginary Movies which is out now. | MySpace | Twitter | SoundCloud

You can listen to the full LP here

Slow Songs Vol. 1 band name by ending in ing

Slow Songs Vol 1 is a really nice collection of downtempo tracks from London based "Ending In Ing". If your a fan of lush soulful downtempo electronica from the likes of Aim, Tycho etc. your more than likely going to find a lot to love here.

Download: Slow Songs Vol 1 from Ending In Ing

MySpace | Soundcloud

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Emika's Ninja Tune debut EP 'Drop The Other' is released on 18th January.

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Music video for This Train which appears on Wax Tailor's album In The Mood For Life (Out Now). The track features teh vocal talents of New Orleans based emcee Voice and singer Ali Harter.

The first video from the Album was Say Yes which featured rap crew with positive inclinations A State of Mind (ASM). |

Onra - 1.0.8 (Digital Download)

Onra's latest album dropped a little while ago, but I forgot to mention it so here's a link to amazon for those who want to check out the previews and maybe purchase it. (It's an affiliate link obviously and we will earn a few cents / pence if you do)

Onra previously contributed to the brilliant French beats compilation La Boulangerie (A LateMag favorite). His last album was the excellent Chinoiseries which produced the standout track The Anthem.

Download 1.0.8 from |

Feel Like A King...Pluck A String (Digital Download)

It feels like ages since the pre-album Feel Like A King EP was released (I think it's been a year). Finally the master bassist from cult downtempo duo Fingathing releases his first solo album. Feel Like A King...Pluck A String. The LP contains all 4 tracks from the EP including the excellent Beduija which was my ringtone for months (probably still is, but I keep my phone on vibrate of late). The albums been well worth the wait (if your into downtempo music), but you don't have to take my word for it you can listen to the full thing over at Sneakys Myspace (in the player further down the page).

The download is available from, (or whichever MP3 store you prefer) You can pick up the physical disc from Sneaky's own webstore. |

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New video from Wax Tailor featuring A State of Mind (ASM), who are probably best known for their previous collaboration with the French beatmaker 'Positively Inclined'. |

Via: Analog Giant


Funk, rare grooves and library classics


Hatembargo is a library music blog with top shelf appeal.

Head Full Of Snow

Head Full of Snow celebrates the music and styles that came about during the late 1960s and throughout the 70s.

MOG Music Network

Music blogs directory

Soul Sides

Oliver Wang's (formerly/occassionally known as DJ O-Dub) funk / soul / rare groove / hip hop audioblog

Analog Giant

Blog is on music (hip hop mainly, electronic, jazz, blends, dub and R&B)

Dead Mexico Radio

Dead Mexico Radio is a monthly radio show featuring underground electronic/experimental music.

"The Wilson Project" which is of course resident lateMag scribe Fiona (Aka Fi Wilson) has been featured twice (Show 10 and 12). Show 10 also saw our friend "Snoog" aka "Die On Spectrum" featured.

Revolver - Myspace

Ah, Friday. The week may be at an end, but the music plays on, and, with this in mind, I would like to present to you a hand-selected best track of the week, a musical diamond in the rough that is Myspace, if you will. Yes, yours truly has done the hard work so you don't have to, rummaging around that vast and perilous land of the signed and the unsigned, where talent dares to dwell in the unforgiving nooks and crannies. And so, without further ado, I present to you my top track of the week...

Revolver - Relapse

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, in the good old U.S. of A. comes Chad Williamson aka Revolver. This ex-band member has gone it alone, producing some choice down-tempo cuts for your listening pleasure. Think Indie goes Electronica and you'll have a feel for what's in store, with beat-driven tracks that ooze disenchantment and fuel a healthy dose of introspection. Relapse is my pick of the bunch, a track which manages to effortlessly straddle the glorious mix of the downbeat and the uplifting. A stomping beat gives way to wafting melancholy keys, but, before you've had a chance to go away and think about what you've done, along comes the resonace of a deliciously moody uplift. Real "soundtrack to your life" fodder. Or, simply, as a soul very dear to me put it, "dark and drummy." All this track needs is to accompany the end of a really good film. Nice and nicely done.

Get yourself a snaffle of Revolver's "Relapse" by clicking the following link:

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 Video Credits: Director Tom Jobbins Assistant animators: Charlie Stoddart, Dave Gilbert

Quantic presents ... Flowering Inferno - Death Of The Revolution (Album details at Tru-Thoughts) |

Via: Tru Thoughts

The Wilson Project


Double Bass player and producer Sneaky, best known as part of decks 'n bass combo Fingathing is on the verge of dropping his debut solo LP. To give you a taste of whats to come he has released a digital only downloadable EP featuring 4 of the tracks from his website The Feel Like A King EP features the tracks, String Talk, Beduija, Feel Like A King and The Gentle Rain.

String Talk has a lazy (in a good way) jazzy vibe and a tounge in cheek feel that should leave most feeling oddly happy.

Beduija with its North African feeling main hook and massive bassline is the EP's stand out track for me, I have this on repeat all the time. Nice chap that he seems to be, Sneaky has also made this track available free and all you have to do is register on his site. Though as the whole EP is only £2.50 you have no real excuse for not actually paying for the whole EP.

Feel Like A king features the vocal talents of Barbara Panther and is one of those rocking beats and vocals tracks that sneaks up and infects you.

The final track on the EP has a decidely Gotan Project flavour and showcases Sneaky's abilty to combine his classical skills with the beat driven downtempo genres perfectly.

All in all this is highly recommended stuff especially if you are a fan of his work with Fingathing, personaly I can't wait to get the full LP. | |

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