Toshiba NB200-12N 10.1-Inch Netbook

The Mini NB200 (NB205 in The US) is the second netbook from Toshiba. The spec includes Intel's Atom N280 processor clocked at 1.66 GHz. 1 GB of RAM (upgradeable to 2 GB), 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive (There is a 160GB version available), webcam, full size keyboard, memory card reader , Wi-Fi (54g) Bluetooth and Windows 7 starter.

Toshiba NB200 (NB205) Netbook With Windows

Design: The NB200's design is one of the smartest looking amogs the currently available crop of netbooks. Just 25mm think and (in ;the case of mine) a rather fetching Brown satin case matched with silver detailing and keyboard. It features a full sized keyboard, although the tab key is a little on the small side. The trackpad is a decent size for a netbook too. The calculator style keys are well spaced making typing fairly stress free.

The 1024x600 resolution 10.1 inch screen is bright and clear, though the glossy screen could be problematic in bright sunlight. Windows 7's ability to hide the task bar comes in handy as digital real estate is at a premium.

Toshiba NB200 (NB205) Netbook With Windows 7 Starter

Connectivity: The Toshiba Mini features 3 USB ports, a card reader, Bluetooth and Wi-fi, Ethernet and analogue video output. The USB can be set to charge items while the netbook sleeps.

Performance: This is a netbook, which essentially means light use and predominately web based tasks. Its not going to replace your desktop / Laptop for processor heavy tasks. While out of the box its able to run web video (BBC iPlayer / Youtube) however it did struggle trying to run hi-def from vimeo. Truth be told many netbooks are much of a muchness as they say, an Atom processor teamed with 1GB of memory and a 10.1 inch screen. Though the NB200 is not really very suited to Hi-Def playback out of the box it's as good as you will likley get with that spec Office tasks etc. run with ease though I would suggest that this and all netbooks could do with 2GB of ram as standard and would suggest purchasing one of the available 2GB sticks for netbooks. Windows 7 starter is certainly an improvement over Vista in terms of memory use and does give a viable option over the ageing XP OS. Power consumption is pretty good giving a claimed up to 9 hours using the right settings, though realistically if your machines is in constant use its more likely to be around 6 or 7, though that's still excellent.

In conclusion, if your looking to buy a netbook this Christmas or January sales this is a best of breed machine for the price. Great styling, phenomenal battery life and A keyboard you can type on without your hand becoming malformed claws. Plus when you whip it out in the local coffee shop you don't look like you've robbed a small child of her "Barbie's first pc". The Toshiba NB200 is available at and in North America from as the NB205 from