What must be a couple of years back now, Jim Groom (Revenge Of Billy The Kid, Room 36) mentioned he had a project in the works called Zombie God Squad. At the time he was finally bringing cult noir comedy Room 36 to the big screen after a serious of unfortunate events and disasters saw it languish for more than a decade. Since then Room 36 was released on DVD and then out of the blue this little teaser pops up. 


Trailer for independant film "The Red Machine" a spy caper set in 1935 in Washington, D.C. and 1928 in Tokyo. The film stars independant film favourite Lee Perkins (Carnies, Edges of Darkness, KatieBird *Certifiable Crazy Person).

Co-directors Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm won several awards for their 1930's newsreel style short "Gandhi at the Bat".


Tom Hardy (RocknRolla) stars as notorious British prisoner Charles Bronson (born Michael Gordon Peterson) who was sent down for seven years in 1974. I imagine with good behaviour he should have served about 4, however after a string of not so good behaviour. He has now served some 34 years inside, 28 of which he has spent in solitary confinement. He currently resides in a cage inside a cell where he paints, writes books and completes around 2500 push ups a day.

Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn best known for the brilliant Copenhagen set Pusher Trilogy directs and the film should open early in 2009.

You can find out more about Bronson the man on the wikipedia or at freebronson.co.uk

www.bronsonthemovie.com | www.vertigofilms.com

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