undeadWe T-Shirt

Halloween is almost upon us and many will be donning the spooky apparel. But what's the more discerning dresser to do when faced with the conundrum of showing the love for all things ghoulish, yet preserving that impeccable sense of style? Well, if you can't fess up to dress up, Chop Shop has a solution; the undeadWe T-shirt. Fitted to adorn the forms of ladies and gentlemen alike, this t-shirt features "51 zombies, ghosts, mummies, spirits and other boo-tiful members of the living dead." And as if that isn't goodness enough, you can play 'spot the reference' as all the figures hail from pop-culture to legend. You can have a peep at their high-res flickr pic and see if you can guess the refs.

Get your spook on over at Chop Shop for $20.00

Via: Topless Robot

Zaire '74 / Soul Power T-shirt

This "Zaire '74" design is the original, official artwork created for the 3 day festival.Worn by crew members and performers like James Brown, Bill Withers, sister Sledge and The Spinners throughout the festival, this shirt is featured prominently 35 years later in the documentary Soul Power and it's predecessor the 1997 academy award winning documentary When We Where Kings.

Soul Power - UK Trailer

www.soulpowerfilm.co.uk | twitter.com/soulpowerfilm


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