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Claire Merry

Claire Merry who modeled under the name Nicole Merry arrives at the UK Premiere of Star Trek.

Claire is Ex wife of French football player Thierry "Va-va-voom" Henry whom she took to the cleaners for a sum reputed to be just south of £10 million pounds in a divorce settlement. (I admit I looked that up, my knowledge of minor UK "celebrities" and wags is minimal to say the least. I do remember thinking the girl in the Renault Clio advertisements was rather attractive and Claire was that girl.

Anyway while it was most probably a profile raising stunt (instead of actually doing anything that requires talent, as is the way these days), I'd like to think she was wearing it as a tongue in cheek homage to the the show / genre. Anyway it's nice to see someone embracing the women-in-silver-cat-suits future, sci-fi shows promised me as a kid.

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