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Angry Robot ™ is a new global Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror imprint from HarperCollins. Traditional SF and fantasy has been ploughing an entertaining furrow for many decades, but to our way of thinking much of it is missing a trick. "Crossover" is increasingly the way forward and you'll find plenty of it here, without batting an eyelid. New heroes and new settings - if there's an energy in a book that gets us jumping up and down, we're all over it.

Angry Robot launched in the UK in July 2009, and in the US and the rest of the world from September. Ebook editions will be available worldwide from July. Its first titles are a mix of genres, from a street smart neat-future thriller to ultra-dark horror to wild modern fantasy. Its authors, too, fulfil its mission: two men and two women, .....

Clockwork Couture

For a bit of Steampunk style that wouldn't make you look like you'd joined the Cosplay clique, check out Clockwork Couture 

Clockwork Couture


Greetings From Venus

"In a pulpy alternate universe, a great inventor named Doctor Grordbort is selling ray guns and rockets to colonize the solar system." speaks to Greg Broadmore at Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop about his Grordbort Comic, the character Cockswain and a few other things.

While Greg Broadmore considers himself to be working simply with retro sci-fi and not "Steam Punk" its certainly in a similar vien all be it without the steam power. Certainly it feels like a take on the worlds created by Edgar Rice Burroughs an author whom like Wells, Doyle, Verne, Haggard, Rohmer etc. finds himself at the heart of the love affair with the action, adventure and sci-fi of the late 1800's and early 1900's

Read about  The Savage World of Doctor Grordbort At io9 and then check out Dr. Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators.

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