Palms II Chair

With his architectural background and roots in Chicago's progressive design scene, it's hardly surprising Jeff Vioski honed his design talents with his self-titled furniture collection. Now based in L.A. but with several showrooms across the U.S., the VIOSKI collection is a modernist's configurative dream. Exhibiting fine mid-century modern aesthetics, the collection puts beautiful form in its high functionality.

Nicholas Sectional

Working with the highest quality coverings (Glant Textiles, Spinneybeck Leather and Designtex Fabrics) and skilled craftsmanship in structural construction, VIOSKI emphasise longevity as well as comfort in each unique, handmade-to-order piece. Accentuating the company's promise to furnish your lifestyle with forms to please the body as much as the eye is the equal assurance of customisation; some pieces, such as the sectional sofas and Isola Lounge, are flexible by design, but custom orders requiring specific modifications are welcomed (a 34-foot Nicholas Sectional for a Hollywood Hills home which required a 75-foot crane to install is exemplary of the lengths to which they will go to ensure client satisfaction.)

Manhattan Bed

But if relaxing design purism isn't comfort enough, VIOSKI's environmentally ecological and socio-ecological ethics should have you sitting comfortably. With three levels of environmentally conscious manufacturing on offer, you can recline sublime knowing that your clean style is sustainable and the durability can be left to posterity. Equally important, though, is the social awareness aspect and theirs is prudent. Aside from the goodness of their hearts, they adhere to the sadly seldom seen yet simple business equation; be good to your employees and they will be good to you. So, if you like your style with substance, you're in good company with VIOSKI.

Aiden Iconsole

Also you might like to check out picture hanging hardware by AsHanging 

 Orson By Jake Phipps

From the designer who brought us the fabulous Jeeves and Wooster pendant lights, comes this chair as gloriously imposing as its namesake. The Orson by Jake Phipps is an Oscar-worthy performer indeed, with it's devilishly dark mouldings and rotational, sculpted low seat. A formidable figure in home or office furnishings.

Orson By Jake Phipps

Visit Jake Phipps online at

Pleats By Stephen Burks

Stephen Burks and his New York studio, Readymade Projects, work to produce creative design direction, interior and industrial design. Pleats, "an exciting alternative to public space seating," is a strikingly simplistic form based around a basic sofa concept, whereby the traditional steam pleating creates the details within. Available in a choice of colours, finishes and sizes upon request.

Enquiries can be made at

DS 152

Combining three of my favourite things – retro, round and orange, the DS 152 chair from de Sede has it all. Literally. The flat screen monitor pictured is also available as an option so that you can transform your ultra-comfortable sofa into a space age control centre for TV, video, DVD or Internet.

With enough room for two people, the DS 152's oval styling can provide the perfect snuggle place. If, however, you are prone to fighting over the remote or your other half simply doesn’t like the colour, then black and white versions are also available, so why not get two!

DS 152

Visit de Sede online at

Blow Lounge Chair

I love the vermicular undulating curves of this lounge chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen for the Danish interior design company HAY.

Entitled “Blow”, the chair is made from polyurethan foam and is available in Grey, Army Green and Aubergine – one of my favourite colour palettes at the moment.

Available from PID

Blow Lounge Chair

MT2 SOFT By Ron Arad

The MT2 Soft is Designed Ron Arad and is manufactured by Driade. This larger sibling of the MT1 armchair features an orange polyethylene core with black fabric cover (also available in white).

Visit  Driade online at

Magnolia Chair By Jacco Bregonie

The new Magnolia chair by Jacco Bregonie is a complimentary mixture of design and architecture. The organic shaped seat oozes comfort and the structural base lends an industrial dimension. Satellite seating baby, for an out of this world contemporary cool.

For more information visit Artifort

Magnolia Chair

Cosmos From Johanson Design

I have often wondered if there can be anything better than an egg chair. Well, yes there can. Why be a lonely egg? With the Cosmos from Johanson Design you can enjoy the wholesome eggsome with the one you love.

Available in cream, white, red, green with various options for the base finish.

Perfect for nesting.

For more information visit Johanson Design


The Outdoor Egg Chair By Peter Ghyczy

What was it about the 60’s that made designers obsessed with eggs? Whatever it was the idea has been poached for the 21st century, and boy do we still love it.

With The Outdoor Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy, no longer do folk have to enjoy their yolk indoors. Fully portable and utterly weatherproof, this garden seat is made from UV-protected lacquer in silk gloss, in either a white, red, blue or metallic shell and a selection of contrasting colours are available for the teflon-guarded denim seat.

Available from

Outdoor Egg Chair

HER Chair By Fabio Novembre

Need to get to the bottom of stunning seating? No butts about it, the HER chair by Fabio Novembre is a beauty. Available through casamnia, this polyethylene chair is yours in black or white to grace with your posterior. A most striking way to get bummed-out.

Visit Casamani online at

Round Swivelling Tub Chair From Dwell

If like me you are a fan of sixties cool and like to add just a touch of it to your home, the Round Swivelling Tub Chair from Dwell is a great way to give a nod back to the future, embracing the optimism of that decade's designers. With it's ABS plastic outer, faux leather inner and chrome base the chair comes in at a more than reasonable price point. Personally I am rather taken by the white shown above, but there's also a black option for those wanting something a little more understated. You could even buy both and add them to a swinging monochrome lair.

Visit Dwell online at 


Via: Retro To Go

Archipelo From Leolux

I’ve often mentioned preferences for cubic or spherical but I’m ashamed to say I’ve quite neglected the irregular. They say symmetry is beauty but they obviously haven’t seen the Archipel range by Leolux. As the name suggests, you can now create your own archipelago of contemporary comfort. Catering to whimsical moods, there is also the scope to adjust the arms and backrests for a piece of furniture that is as unique individual as you are.


For more information visit Leolux

Day Bed From Gandia Blasco

When the sun shines it's natural to recline, and what cooler way to do it than with this outdoor daybed from Gandia Blasco. By designer Jose A. Gandia, the anodized aluminium frame is draped with a movable and removable canvass to shield or yield as you wish.

Visit Gandia Blasco online at

Via: Furniture Fashion

Curacao Sofa From Indera

As soon as I saw the Curacao sofa, designed by Fabiaan Van Severen for Indera, I felt like we were old friends. I needed to nurtured by the soft, welcoming lines of this ever-so-comfortable yet ever-so-contemporary chair as if it just, well, fitted somehow.

Intrigued then was I to find that Van Severen’s philosophy compliments my visual instincts. He believes that “furniture and objects have to take their place as if they have always been there”. And boy, I think he did a good job of interpreting that belief into the Curacao. Visually it looks like it has always belonged in my living room. Practically too because little be known at first glance, the back rail of the sofa can be adjusted so that it is the perfect depth for you. Had we been introduced at a young age, my Curacao could have grown with my lengthening legs. Always there, always perfect.

Made from felt fabrics with flatsheet steel feet, the Curacao is available in range of colours including grey, fuchsia and sky blue.

For more information visit Indera

Curacao Sofa

Castell By Hans Hopfer

From Austrian designer Hans Hopfer comes the Castell modular seating system. "Six basic elements and a terraced stool, which can be used alone or as a docking element, make Castell a completely versatile furniture creation, which simply makes living a pleasure." The variable modular units allow for this sheer versatility, with soft lines leading to the utmost in comfort.

Available through Neue Wiener Werkstatte

Prive From Cassina

Designed by French designer, Philippe Starck, the Prive from Cassina is a world of comfort and elegance. Fabric or leather-upholstered, the Prive, with its posable head or arm rests, provides the utmost in variable design whilst remaining a luxurious island of relaxation, whether day-bed or sofa.

Visit Cassina online at

Sofa One

The Sofa One can be right facing or left facing. It has a finished wood portal for magazines and stashables, and the cushion slice can be up for chaise lounging or down for more formal sitting. The cushion is attached for proper hinging. 

Sofa One is available from

Driftwood-Backed Sofa From Bleu Nature

Designer Frank Lefebvre's Bleu Nature, which is based near Lille (Northern France), specializes in incorporating driftwood into their creations. They use the woods own natural form to compliment pieces made in a range of natural materials (hemp, pebbles, stones and flat rocks, raw linen, boiled wool, leather, skins, teak, slate and petrified wood).

This means that each piece is unique in its own way and results in beautiful items like the sofa above.

You can visit  Bleu Nature online at and their products are available in select stores world wide, Mint in London being one such retailer.

DOC  - Sofa-Bed

With UK property prices at levels never seen before, space is really at a premium, especially if you reside in the nation's capital. Knightsbridge-based CLEI UK offer a range of stylish, innovative and, above all, compact solution for space saving, modern living. Once such innovation is Doc,  A sofa with removable covers and integrated/patented mechanism which transforms the sofa into a bunk-bed in seconds.

DOC  - Sofa-Bed

Visit CLEI UK online at

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