SYNC By Elliot James

From young, and by the looks of things rather talented British designer Elliot Barratt comes SYNC. A modular seating system which consists of engineered upholstered cubes. Each seating cube sits on gas springs. When pressure (you sit down) is applied to a cube the surrounding cubes become the seats arms and back rest, regardless of which cube you choose to position yourself on. With a vast number of upholstery to choose from and base plate covers availble in several finish, the style options are near limitless. Each cube is 450mm x 450mm 700mm (At starting height) and its minimalist modular design means SYNC with be at home in anything from swanky apartments to public spaces.



Visit to find out more

Four Works

"Four Works" is a chair come workstation designed by Danish Studio Four Design. For those that do most of their work or browsing from a laptop this is a nice solution to get you out from behind a restrictive desk. The chair also features plenty of storage, power sockets and an integral light.

Four Works

Four Works

Four Works

Visit Four Design online at


Lobster Chair

When designers Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann were in need of inspiration for a re-working of the classic lounge chair design, they looked to the ocean. Their Lobster and Shelly chairs, based on the exoskeletal forms of lobster and crayfish respectively, are beautiful treatments of that which is naturally influenced. And just as in nature, this creature feature works to support and protect by way of sculptured construction. Produced exclusively in Denmark, Lobster and Shelly are fashioned from a moulded beech shell with a choice of walnut, oak or Aniline veneers. Each comes with a chrome plated steel base so you can sit and spin. A Lobster footrest is also available.

Shelly Chair

Visit PID for pricing and shipping details.

Amaki Chair From Odue

The Amaki chair is part of the contemporary Odue range from Italian manufacturer Oasis. Taking inspiration from nature to create forms reminiscent of Future Systems amoeba inspired "Blob" architecture, the Odue range is at the forefront of funky organic form interior products.

Odue Amaki

Odue Amaki

Visit Odue online at

Big Arm By Shin Azumi

London-based Japanese designer, Shin Azumi, has created the Big Arm range from his design company's unique process. A studio, the Azumi-founded design house, works through the inception process through observation to theatricality, ensuring the mazimum of form and function. The upholstered steel frame of the Big Arm swivel armchair allows the user to rotate the chair and use the surface for a laptop, whilst leaning on the other arm. Also available are the double seat and reverse double seat models for greater interaction.

Visit Shin Azumi designs online at

Deco Office Chair with Upholstered Seat

This appeared on PadStyle a while ago and I bookmarked it in Google Reader and then forgot I was intending to post it. I'm rather taken by deco influenced modern pieces, though I think it's a style thats probably best used in moderation unless you own a genuine deco property.

The Deco Office Chair by Sitcom Furniture is constructed from solid hardwood with birch veneers and a java finish, and features a high-density sand fabric cushion.

The chair is available from nikkoshops for $299


Summer Cloud By Dedon

This modern sun lounger from Dedon is designed by the team at Austrian studio EDOS in 2008. A one-of-a-kind piece in terms of design and functionality, Summer Cloud features an independently 360° adjustable fabric roof.

"The idea behind the design was to create a dialogue with the blazing orb, but also a feeling of intimacy and security"

Summer Cloud By Dedon

Summer Cloud is available from


Ovalia By Henrik Thor-Larson

Like many egg-based chair designs, the Ovalia by Henrik Thor-Larson is a vintage classic. However, this is one vintage classic returning for a revamped re-release and a piece of design history available to buy now on limited supply. Debuting to immediate success at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 1968, this covetable ovum stayed on sale for a decade, but has now, with a few improvements, been relaunched in its original style for a new generation of egg-chair fanatics.

For more information of to make an inquiry visit

Via: Furniture Fashion

 Orson By Jake Phipps

From the designer who brought us the fabulous Jeeves and Wooster pendant lights, comes this chair as gloriously imposing as its namesake. The Orson by Jake Phipps is an Oscar-worthy performer indeed, with it's devilishly dark mouldings and rotational, sculpted low seat. A formidable figure in home or office furnishings.

Orson By Jake Phipps

Visit Jake Phipps online at

Aluminium frame ArmchairTaking a minimalist aproach this aluminium framed chair features a seating surface of stretched fabric, which sculpts itself to the form of the person sitting, supporting the arm, back, thigh, and the calves, for maximum comfort and a relaxed posture.

Designer Abhijeet Kumar studied at the National Institute of Design, specialising in industrial design and has gone on to work as a consultant in ahmedabad primarily in furniture and products.

Aluminium frame Armchair

Aluminium frame Armchair

You can view more of Abhijeet Kumar's work on his personal porfolia site at

Petal By Damian Barton

Damian Barton is an America-based, Australian designer with an industrial and furniture design heritage who has garnered recognition through his form-friendly and functional pieces. Petal takes more than titular inspiration from nature, winding its floral form within a natural wood finish. However, upholding his stance to work with an array of materials and in keeping with the current trend for all things metallic, you can choose to put Petal to the metal with Aluminium Petal (as seen here,) if you'd prefer.  

Petal By Damian Barton

Visit Damian Barton online at

Via: Contemporist

Terminal 1

French designer, Jean Marie Massaud, works with a contextual approach to industrial and furniture design. The Terminal 1 daybed is a single unit which forms part of his ethic for individualistic focus and creates, with its sweeping, fluid form, a welcome station for repose. Its shape supports a double function as both an arm chair and chaise longue, and there is further room for manoeuvre within materials and finishes (shown here is a plastic body on a matt-finish metal frame.)

Visit B&B Italia for more info or to make an inquiry

Via: Bed Zine


If you yearn to take your work global, then designer Michiel van der Kley can help you do just that. This personal mobile workstation for Gispen and Artifort can be used at the office or at home and, with it's rotating chair, offers flexibility aswell as mobility. This innovative pod design has a built-in, pull-out table top for you to work with or without a notebook. Globus features a white laquered Baydour shell and an aluminium cast base.

Available through hivemodern

Via: CribFashion

  • @ Chair
  • @ Chair
  • @ Chair
  • @ Chair

Australian designer, Brodie Neill, takes a progressive approach to his work, and that is clearly evident here with the @ chair; a carbon fibre/chrome piece which is "a continuous morphing loop in the form of a single seating chair." Recently included in Time Magazine's most influential designs for 2008, the @ chair looks set, through its purity of form and temporal/cultural significance, to attain iconic status.

For more information or to contact Brodie Neill, visit

Pleats By Stephen Burks

Stephen Burks and his New York studio, Readymade Projects, work to produce creative design direction, interior and industrial design. Pleats, "an exciting alternative to public space seating," is a strikingly simplistic form based around a basic sofa concept, whereby the traditional steam pleating creates the details within. Available in a choice of colours, finishes and sizes upon request.

Enquiries can be made at

Wagiman By INSA & Rousseau

The bubble chair has retained its iconic status since its inception in the '60's as 'Future Modern,' through to today's standing as the epitomical mark of retro cool. Rousseau's 'Wagiman' is an "illuminated bubble chair with bespoke "INSA" print engraved into [the] surface" and offers a deliciously decadent and seductive edge to future retro design.

Visit Rousseau at

Blow Lounge Chair

I love the vermicular undulating curves of this lounge chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen for the Danish interior design company HAY.

Entitled “Blow”, the chair is made from polyurethan foam and is available in Grey, Army Green and Aubergine – one of my favourite colour palettes at the moment.

Available from PID

Blow Lounge Chair

MT2 SOFT By Ron Arad

The MT2 Soft is Designed Ron Arad and is manufactured by Driade. This larger sibling of the MT1 armchair features an orange polyethylene core with black fabric cover (also available in white).

Visit  Driade online at

Magnolia Chair By Jacco Bregonie

The new Magnolia chair by Jacco Bregonie is a complimentary mixture of design and architecture. The organic shaped seat oozes comfort and the structural base lends an industrial dimension. Satellite seating baby, for an out of this world contemporary cool.

For more information visit Artifort

Magnolia Chair

Cosmos From Johanson Design

I have often wondered if there can be anything better than an egg chair. Well, yes there can. Why be a lonely egg? With the Cosmos from Johanson Design you can enjoy the wholesome eggsome with the one you love.

Available in cream, white, red, green with various options for the base finish.

Perfect for nesting.

For more information visit Johanson Design


The Outdoor Egg Chair By Peter Ghyczy

What was it about the 60’s that made designers obsessed with eggs? Whatever it was the idea has been poached for the 21st century, and boy do we still love it.

With The Outdoor Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy, no longer do folk have to enjoy their yolk indoors. Fully portable and utterly weatherproof, this garden seat is made from UV-protected lacquer in silk gloss, in either a white, red, blue or metallic shell and a selection of contrasting colours are available for the teflon-guarded denim seat.

Available from

Outdoor Egg Chair

HER Chair By Fabio Novembre

Need to get to the bottom of stunning seating? No butts about it, the HER chair by Fabio Novembre is a beauty. Available through casamnia, this polyethylene chair is yours in black or white to grace with your posterior. A most striking way to get bummed-out.

Visit Casamani online at

Round Swivelling Tub Chair From Dwell

If like me you are a fan of sixties cool and like to add just a touch of it to your home, the Round Swivelling Tub Chair from Dwell is a great way to give a nod back to the future, embracing the optimism of that decade's designers. With it's ABS plastic outer, faux leather inner and chrome base the chair comes in at a more than reasonable price point. Personally I am rather taken by the white shown above, but there's also a black option for those wanting something a little more understated. You could even buy both and add them to a swinging monochrome lair.

Visit Dwell online at 


Via: Retro To Go

Kurve Chair

From internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid creator of the "Sofa One" comes other seating magazine storage solution. The "Kurve" chair is designed as a sensuous flexuous ribbon of formed wood frame with upholstered center. Designed ergonomically for all contexts from office to home with an area below for magazines or to store other object.

Visit Karim Rashid's website at or view the product details at


Castell By Hans Hopfer

From Austrian designer Hans Hopfer comes the Castell modular seating system. "Six basic elements and a terraced stool, which can be used alone or as a docking element, make Castell a completely versatile furniture creation, which simply makes living a pleasure." The variable modular units allow for this sheer versatility, with soft lines leading to the utmost in comfort.

Available through Neue Wiener Werkstatte

Prive From Cassina

Designed by French designer, Philippe Starck, the Prive from Cassina is a world of comfort and elegance. Fabric or leather-upholstered, the Prive, with its posable head or arm rests, provides the utmost in variable design whilst remaining a luxurious island of relaxation, whether day-bed or sofa.

Visit Cassina online at

Alaska Steel Chair

The "Alaska" is a Polished Stainless Steel Armchair designed by Emilio Nanni. You are probably going to need an ultra contemporary home to get away with owning this. It makes me think of something Baltar from the 1970's Battlestar Galactica would have sat in, as there's a definite old school Cylon atheistic to it. Still if you do have a space that's uber contemporary then this is a fantastic looking chair to put in it.

The Alaska Chair is available from Cattelan Italia who you can visit online at

Via: Contemporist

Kata From Ferlea

The Kata from Ferlea is a rattan-framed indoor or outdoor ceiling-hung chair available in natural, black, white or green with a set of cushions in stress-resistant, high density polyurethane foam and polyester fibre. With a height of 47cm and a depth of 60 cm's, it's clear this sphere won't leave you hanging when it comes to comfort. Designed by Enzo Berti.

Kata From Ferlea

Visist Ferlea online at

Sofa One

The Sofa One can be right facing or left facing. It has a finished wood portal for magazines and stashables, and the cushion slice can be up for chaise lounging or down for more formal sitting. The cushion is attached for proper hinging. 

Sofa One is available from

The EcoPod

The EcoPod (Also the name of a paper coffin from the UK), is a very comfortable-looking modern seating solution from US-based Inmod. Available in 3 flavours - Naked, Upholstered with Beanbag and Upholstered With Cushions.

Inmod ship world wide and you can visit them online at

Side Chair By Alexander Kneller

UK designer, Alexander Kneller, has met form with functionality with his modular Side Chair. The MDF shell with two-part polyurethane paint finish is a construction of bold, full-frontal minimalism and satisfies even the most insatiable craving for linea, cubist design. However, the Side Chair, with its table surface and optional drawer space, is more than just great aesthetics; it fulfils the increasing requirements for a mutli-functional contemporary furniture unit, too. The Side Chair is made to order in the UK for a cost of £2700, with a 2-metre fabric covering of your choice extra (fabric shown here is Kvadrat Davina Melange 100% wool.)

Side Chair By Alexander Kneller

For more infor or to place an order, email Alexander Kneller at

Protean Seating From Upwell Design

Upwell design's Justin Porcano has created this rather handy Protean seating, which allows itself to be modified mood-dependent. The Protean can be arranged into a love seat, single chairs or courting chairs with either middle or end tables, depending on your preference. If you want to be close to a loved one or chat, you can place the seats together or opposite one another. Want your own space to read or watch tv? No problem, just move apart the Protean with the table in the middle.

Protean Seating From Upwell Design

Protean Seating From Upwell Design

Protean Seating From Upwell Design

Upwell Design

Via: Yanko Design

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