Cube Form The Creative Pet

Created by designer Leslie Buker. "Cube" is a modular system, made from sheets of cardboard that can be fixed together with built in tabs and slots to create cube-shaped blocks. When these blocks are put together, they can make tunnels and towers and any shaped structure that cats can crawl through, jump on, shred and chew. It's a 100% recyclable alternative to the wood and carpet "cat condos" that many cat owners have. Owners construct their own, so it can be designed to fit into any space.

Cube Form The Creative Pet

Durat Kippo

Durat contains recycled plastics and is itself 100% recyclable, the material is very resistant to wear, humidity, and various kinds of chemicals. While it debatable how many items made from such materials actually are recycled, it is a step in the right direction. Plastic remains one of, if not the most flexible material we have, but forms far too much of the waste we dump in landfills.

The Kippo wash basin appeals to me because it reminds me of a rather large Parma Violet (a violet-flavoured confectionery manufactured by Swizzels Matlow in the UK)

Visit Durat online at

Torni Wash Basin From DURAT

The Torni Wash Basin is part of a stunning collection of bathroom furniture from DURAT, the Torni being my personal favourite. The distinctive yet simplistic styling and the fantastic array of exuberant colours that lend the collection a youthful optimism are not the only stand out features. Each piece is made from DURAT, a solid polyester based material that contains recycled plastics, that in turn are fully recyclable.

The material is also available to designers and architects for their own projects.

Designed by Arup/Mick Brundle, the freestanding Torni comes in two sizes, standard and mini, with all the waste and overflow components included.

Now you can be assured that keeping yourself clean also helps our planet keep clean too.

For more information visit DURAT

Torni Wash Basin

Lofty Stainless Steel Chaise-Longue

Stainless Steel may not be the most modern of materials, but its arguably one of the most important of modern times. Once polished it looks great, is 100% recyclable and as the name suggests it "stains less". Though often incorporated into furniture, pieces made entirely from it are not so common. Only 50 of these striking polished AISI304 stainless steel Lofty chaise-longue's are produced each year.

Lofty stainless steel Chaise Longue

If Stainless steel is not your thing, the Lofty chaise-longue is also available in self-supporting structure in baydur and polyurethane, upholstered in fabric (stretch one too), or in MDF Italia leather, fully removable upholstery. There is also a version with a non-adjustable headrest.

Visit MDF Italia online at

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