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Directed by Pierre and Bertrand, this video to Charlie Winston's rather catchy Kick The Bucket is a super-sweet and suitably pre-Halloween affair. Popular in France, this singer-songwriter Brit released his first album, Hobo, from which Kick The Bucket is taken, earlier this year on Real World Records/Atmospheriques.

And in other news regarding Kick The Bucket today, there is somewhat of an in-house dispute over at LateMag Towers between myself and Leigh over which section of this track is the superior. He favours the beginning, whereas I took a shine to Mr. Winston and his facial hairstyle and his whole point of view skeleton crew kicking up a gear from about 1.50 onwards. Pointless, yet undeniably true news.

You can find more info. on Charlie Winston on his website here.

You can also catch him on MySpace here.