Gaia Phone Concept By Ahmad Bittar

Industrial designer Ahmad Bittar has come up with an interesting, if slightly worrying, handset concept that combines (or should that be exploits?) our increasingly emotional bond with our technology. Behold Gaia Phone, the emo phone of the (possibly not too distant) future that's like a party in your hand, if indeed you have enough friends for a party. The all-singing, all-dancing Gaia Phone comes alive with all the excitement of a well-adjusted puppy when in receipt of updates or contact from loved ones, friends or family. Of course, if you keep your friends close but your enemies closer, Gaia will keep you informed via the glow that keeps you in the know. Yes, the more contact you have with a person, the brighter the light, which will probably compound the misery of a break-up as that light will, quite literally, go out of your life. And so, sort of an ironic product for Generation Geek, as hermitic life sets in and the wide circle of friends slowly but surely dissipates. Nevermind, emo phone will feel your pain.

Via: Yanko Design