3D-ready full HD plasma

Only in Japan. A phrase often uttered in reference to the weird and wonderful ways of our Asian friends. Well, todays reference comes undeniably tainted with envy and is a response to those lucky folk once more being at the technological frontier. Today, Panasonic announced in Japan that is has been beavering away at a world first - a 3D-ready full HD plasma home theatre system! Amen to that.

Panasonic have backed up the announcement with a demonstration to the Japanese press by way of their 103-inch plasma TV. This world-leading behemoth was accompanied by a full HD-capable Blu-ray player which beams to your left and right eye separately. The 3D material is stored on a single Blu-ray disc, but if all this feels a little too furutistic for you, fear not, for you still need to don your specs to be in receipt of said 3D images, albeit it by way of the tech-spec variety and not the red and green paper types fee with comics back in the day.

Panasonic will showcase the product to the general public at next week's CEATEC 2008 exhibition in Japan.

Via: CrunchGear