Cube Form The Creative Pet

Created by designer Leslie Buker. "Cube" is a modular system, made from sheets of cardboard that can be fixed together with built in tabs and slots to create cube-shaped blocks. When these blocks are put together, they can make tunnels and towers and any shaped structure that cats can crawl through, jump on, shred and chew. It's a 100% recyclable alternative to the wood and carpet "cat condos" that many cat owners have. Owners construct their own, so it can be designed to fit into any space.

Cube Form The Creative Pet

Modern Cat

This blog is a resource for cat owners with a modern style. Seeking out the newest products for living with cats in a modern home. They try to identify not only products that fit a modern aesthetic, but also items that are truly innovative and that make living with cats a more enjoyable experience. Moderncat combines product reviews with other useful information for cat owners in a clear and concise format.

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