2009/2010 Online Lumix Award Photo Competition

The digital photography competition (Europe) is open for six months from November 2009 until April 2010. Each month, a winner will be chosen and awarded a Lumix DMC-ZX1 the latest digital compact camera from Panasonic. The overall winner of the Lumix Award competition – for the single best digital photo - will win a Lumix DMC-GF1, the worlds smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system camera** from Panasonic along with tickets to see the Blue Man Group. Two runner-ups will each receive a Lumix DMC-FZ38 digital camera. All submitted digital photographs will be reviewed and judged by an independent panel of professional photographers and creative directors.

Under the theme of "Visualise Music," digital photographers are invited to submit each month one digital image that best captures the moment when music, whether through the sound of an instrument or every day life, impacts our visual senses.For further information on the Lumix Award competition or to see the submitted images, please visit: www.lumixaward.com

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It's a beautiful thing when designers take inspiration from nature to craft their products, whether it be the aesthetics of floral perfection or the intricate mechanisms of life itself. However, when Panasonic chose the humble inchworm as their muse for the Fukitorimushi domestic robot, this particular inspiration ensured they definitely cleaned up in the creepy stakes.

Incorporating Teijin's nano technology for the non-slip, super-cleany cover, Panasonic created Fukitorimushi to mimic the inchworm's distictive locomotion as a potentially successful method of floor cleaning. Teamed with its flashing sensors which glow red when they come into contact with worrying levels of filth, the robotic pillowcase/inchworm hybrid will work away at it until it achieves a level of cleanliness acceptable to itself. When Fukitorimushi's work is done, it will even find its way back to its home on the charging station.

Cute as it is, I can't help but imagine a Screamers-style 'autonomous mobile cleaner' scenario some way in the future...Shh, the silence of (domestic) space is about to be shattered...

Via: CrunchGear


Panasonic has announced the market introduction of the DMR-BS850 and DMR-BS750 Blu-ray Disc™ Recorders and the DMR-XS350 High-Definition Recorder / DVD Recorder (Standard Def Archiving). All three new models are compatible with freesat+, making it easy to view and capture high-image-quality digital satellite broadcasts.

In addition to storing all films and shows, they can be used to preserve your family films and photos on a Blu-Ray disc.  Therefore, in a bit of a fun twist, they’ve released some research that puts a definitive monetary value on the sort of family memories the recorders store. You are invited to calculate this value at the Panasonic HD Everything site at hdeverything.co.uk/mymemories.


Reel To Reel Deck RS 1500

Online Museum that pays tribute to nine decades of design developments and innovations and commemorates the 90thth Anniversary of Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd).

Its a shame though that its built in flash and the site designers thought obscuring the bottom of the product shots with a shiny white bar was in some way cool. Still it's an interesting site to visit, if you enjoy gazing at retro innovations.

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