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Via: 33jones.com

Great video for the rather bouncy I Own You by Wax Tailor (feat Charlie Winston). I'm somewhat of a fan of French producer Wax Tailor and Charlie Winston's cheerful Kick The Bucket was a massive LateMag favourite last year.

Both artists are signed to French label Atmospheriques

Mister Modo and Ugly Mac Beer combine tow of my favourite things for this album teaser, instrumental beats and horror.

remidomost.com | www.beatsqueeze.com | MySpace

Video for You Ain't No Good, which is the second single from Australian funk / soul outfit, The Bammo's latest album.


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Video trailer for the Fantastic Planet Album from La Fine Equipe, Mattic, Astrid Engberg and A State Of Mind

Fantastic Planet is the follow up album to La Fine Equipe's fantastic La Boulangerie set, which if your a fan of instrumental hip hop is a must own. Here the France's finist beat makers are joined by Anglo German positive rap crew ASM, heavyweight American underground emcee Mattic and Danish female vocalist Astrid Engberg. The album should be on shelves somewhere this week.

www.nowadaysrecords.com | Myspace

A.S.M - Platypus Funk (video trailer)

As well as recent guest vocals on Berry Weight's album (see below) and La Fine Equipe's (see above) A State Of Mind drop their own long player Platypus Funk this month. The album features a slew of guests includng Wax Tailor (who has a conection with all the acts featured here), DJ Vadim, Sadat X, Bonobo, Mattic and others.

Blog | MySpace | Twitter

Berry Weight "Music For Imaginary Movies" - trailer

Ok so Berry Weight's Music for Imaginary Movies has been out for a little while, but Apewok & Stab's début is worth mentioning again. It's a stunning album and deserves a bit of hype.

www.berryweight.com | MySpace | Twitter | SoundCloud

Video for Berry Weight's "Equations" which features vocalist Astrid Engberg.

The track is featured on their album Music for Imaginary Movies which is out now.

www.berryweight.com | MySpace | Twitter | SoundCloud

You can listen to the full LP here

Video for The Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra's Shot Me In the Heart, a fantastic slice of heavy soul this.

Vocalist Loren Oden dilvers a master-class in conveying passion and emotion on this track. If you've not picked up the album and you have even just a passing interest heavy funk and soul I strongly recommend you do.

I quite want that "Venice Dawn Theme" that plays over the video titles as well.

Props to C.E. Garcia of vinyl4giants for keeping me in the know.

Via: Wax Poetics x Converse 45 Series Presents

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Video for Thunderheist - LBG (Little Booty Girl) which was directed by George Vale. The tracks released on Big Dada on the 30th November.

www.myspace.com/thunderheist | www.thunderheist.com

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Video for Australian funk outfit The Bamboos song "On The Sly". The track features as a double A single with 'Turn It Up' (feat Lyrics Born).

www.thebamboos.com | www.myspace.com/thebamboos

a black stream of Carpenter cathedral synth epics and Hades hi-nrg ... (www.20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk)

Optimus Maximus is taken from the single of the same name by  Gatekeeper and the video is directed by Tommy Boy of arawa.fm

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That most notoriously prolific of shock rock procreators, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, has had another baby. No, not the cambion offspring of some incubus tryst, but rather this track by the insurmountably gratifying Brit Indie / funk rockers, The Heavy. Taken from their recently released second album, The House That Dirt Built (Ninja Tune,) Sixteen, with its "pure vintage voodoo soul," conjures the magic with some beautifully reverent overtures towards the late Screamin' Jay's I Put A Spell On You.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present the inimitable Screamin' Jay Hawkins performing his aforementioned and oft-covered hit. Take it away, Screamin' Jay...



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Directed by Pierre and Bertrand, this video to Charlie Winston's rather catchy Kick The Bucket is a super-sweet and suitably pre-Halloween affair. Popular in France, this singer-songwriter Brit released his first album, Hobo, from which Kick The Bucket is taken, earlier this year on Real World Records/Atmospheriques.

And in other news regarding Kick The Bucket today, there is somewhat of an in-house dispute over at LateMag Towers between myself and Leigh over which section of this track is the superior. He favours the beginning, whereas I took a shine to Mr. Winston and his facial hairstyle and his whole point of view skeleton crew kicking up a gear from about 1.50 onwards. Pointless, yet undeniably true news.

You can find more info. on Charlie Winston on his website here.

You can also catch him on MySpace here.

Seven is the 4th music video from Fever Ray's self title album. You can listen to the full album over at Fever Ray's Website (though really you should own it buy now).

www.feverray.com | www.myspace.com/feverray

Coming hot on the heels of the recently featured and rather superb video to Major Lazer's Hold The Line is this equally superb fan video by Troy Cummins. Featuring my favourite animal, the very lovely sloth, Troy's Zumbi is a sweet zombie sloth mashup taken from his own Slothvision series.

WARNING: contains lyrical and visual content of a somewhat 'adult' nature, so unless you're going on the offensive at work it's probably best to leave this one for hometime.

Troy Cummins can be found at MySpace producing his own musical mashups.

Via: Sunday FanVid: Zumbi SlothVision

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Video for Ape School's 'Wail To God' taken from Ape School's eponymous début album out now on Counter Records.

If I'm honest, I have to say I don't care much for the track myself. Anthony Schepperd's 70's style, somewhat psychedelic animation in the video however is rather marvellous.

Via: Anthony Schepperd - Vimeo

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Sporting what could well be the greatest music video since Thriller, producers Diplo and Switch's cartoon alter ego, Jamaican commando Major Lazer, came storming onto the scene this year with the debut album Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do on Downtown Records/Mad Decent. The first single released was Hold The Line; a Western-infused dancehall track that makes me yearn for sunshine and bass bins.

But if the track itself takes you away to sunnier climes, the video will surely take you back to happier times, playing like a homage to that golden age of kids cartoon merchandising. Indeed, anybody who regularly tuned in way back in the day to watch He-Man hold aloft his mighty sword of a morning will doubtless be similarly enamoured by this supremely spot on reworking of that classic 80's formula.

Click here if you would like to be set adrift on memory bliss of mini-consumerism.

Click here if you'd like a pop at remixing the mighty Hold The Line.

Major Lazer on MySpace

Major Lazer on Twitter

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Video for How You Like Me Now? from West Country funksters The Heavy. Featured on their new album The House That Dirt Built which drops tomorrow (5th October). Arctic Monkeys producer Jim Abbiss and members of The Noisettes where involved in the Album, which blends Cinematic elements (Spaghetti Western) with indie rock, soulful vocals and pure heavy funk.



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The Nextmen, Ms Dynamite and Groove Armada's Andy Cato take on the Demon Boss in this animated kung fu music video!

The single is released August 17th and the Nextmen LP from which it's taken "Join The Dots" will ship August 10th.

Triangle Walks is the third music video from Fever Ray's self title album. You can listen to the full album over at Fever Ray's Website (though really you should own it buy now).

www.feverray.com | www.myspace.com/feverray

Really rather like this video for "Dynamic Tension" by Mr. Dead featuring M. Sayyid. Kind of has that gritty early 80's New York exploitation look / feel, you got in films like Driller Killer and Basket Case. The tune itself is OK and it does sample the classic Morricone ditty from A fist Full Of Dollars, which vies for the title of my favorite film ever.

On a side note "pencil Fighting" seems to be an inner city version of classic English kids pastime Conkers.

Via: 33jones

When I Grow Up is the second music video from Fever Ray's self title album. You can listen to the full album over at Fever Ray's Website.

www.feverray.com | www.myspace.com/feverray

If I Had A Heart was the first video from Swedish down-tempo pop artist Fever Ray (Karin Dreijer Andersson). The track is taken from the self titled album, which was released at the end of March.


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Music video for Hidden Treasure by DJ Vadim feat Sabira Jade. The single is released worldwide on April 12th.

www.djvadim.com | Myspace

Back to Daylight is the first single from Dub Pistols forthcoming album Rum and Coke. The sigle features Ashley Slater. 2005's Six Million Ways to Live is far an away my favorite of their three album releases so far. This tracks not really grabbing me if I'm honest, but its OK in it's own sub Bobby Womack way I guess. 

www.merchandized.co.uk | Myspace

Video for In for the kill the second single from La Roux and the first to be released on their major label Polydor, Quicksand (buy US | UK) having been released by French electronic music label Kitsuné.

You can check out the full track over at La Roux's Myspace. Skream's Bassline driven remix, whith it's reverb heavy vocals is well worth checking out if you prefer dub step / drum and bass type production over 80's retro sythn pop sounds.

Purchase "In for the kill" from amazon.co.uk



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New music video from Kool Keith featuring KutMasta Kurt for "Take That Ride" from the Album "Dr. Dooom 2"

"Dr. Dooom Pebel Stone and The Funky RedNeck Drive The Streets Of Hollywood, and stop for in for donuts and chinese food at chin chins."

www.myspace.com/koolkeith | www.myspace.com/kutmastakurt


Via: Analog Medium

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Inspired by the Intro to Fiona's Aim / QNC post, I figured I would post this classic video from Brit born New York Hip Hop Legend Ricky Walters AKA Slick Rick, MC Ricky D and Rick the Ruler. Known originally as one of the Kangol Crew with "Cinderfella" Dana Dane and as Doug E. Fresh's right hand man in The Get Fresh Crew.

In 1988 he released the influential album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, which included the track Children's Story a modern fairytale / bedtime story / morality tale with lyrics you just couldn't help but memorise and sing (rap) along to.

Video for Blanka's track "Brioche" from La Fine Equipe's album "La Boulangerie".


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www.cunninlynguists.com | Myspace

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