Depakote - The Gummo Album

This doesn't officially drop till next month via Highpoint Lowlife, but you can grab it now. Depakote's last set "It Ain't '94 Anymore" dropped just at the close of 2009 and was probably one of the best instrumental hip hop albums of that year. I've certainly played it a vast amount. This new album is heavily influence by Harmony Korine's film "Gummo" from which it draws it's title and a slightly darker vibe than its predecessor.

Stand out track for me is "Lilykoranic", but the whole album is solid and did I mention free, so grab a copy below.

Download: Depakote - The Gummo Album

Find more from Depakote: Twitter | Facebook 

Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)

"Among the The Glitch Mob's material from the live performances on their Drink the Sea Tour is the band's remix of French electro producer Krazy Baldhead's "The 4th Movement." At nearly 9 minutes long, this reconfiguration takes the listener on a winding ride of pounding basslines, unexpected sounds, and thick drum sequences."

Download: Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix) | Twitter 

Starkiller - Fire For Effect

Fire For Effect is a Psychedelic, progressive, beat driven set from California based band Starkiller.

Download: Starkiller - Fire For Effect

Via: Vinyl4Giants

Eludem - Introducing

Beatmaker Depakote (It Ain't '94 Anymore) posted a link to this on twitter. I don't know anything about Eludem, but this is a pretty mellow bit of experimental instrumental hip hop.

Download Eludem - Introducing

MySpace |

Monone's Library .... Design and music from the 60's and 70's 

Slow Songs Vol. 1 band name by ending in ing

Slow Songs Vol 1 is a really nice collection of downtempo tracks from London based "Ending In Ing". If your a fan of lush soulful downtempo electronica from the likes of Aim, Tycho etc. your more than likely going to find a lot to love here.

Download: Slow Songs Vol 1 from Ending In Ing

MySpace | Soundcloud

Depakote – It Ain’t ‘94 Anymore


"The 14 tracks chop and dice samples from classic soul and funk, riding atop some amazingly dirty beat constructions and rude synths, to create a mixtape that flows effortlessly, fusing classic elements with modern production techniques and a fresh attitude."

Depakote Myspace | Highpoint Lowlife (record Label)


Download: Depakote – It Ain't '94 Anymore


Ryan Davis - "Changing Skies EP"

WARNING: may cause addiction.

Today, readers, we shall be dining once more on the audible delicacies of Absolutive Records, for it is clearly the home of delicious aural sustenance. In the mix today to nourish your lovely listeners is 'Fi's Special Recipe For Audio Goodness.' Please wrap your ears around the player below, combining one part Ryan Davis and one part Micromattic in equal measure, simmer gently over your eardrums and serve with lashings of temporal indulgence. The result? Tasty and nutricious!

For those of you who have been paying attention (spanks a lot if not, I do this for you,) this will be your second helping of Micromattic from the table of LateMag, following hot on the heels of the incredible edibles of his debut EP. But for all concerned, this will be your appetiser de Ryan Davis to get the audio juices flowing.

Changing Skies EP, due to be released later this month on Absolutive Records, is the latest output from Ryan; Germany’s previously classical guitar-playing, currently electronic music-producing traveller on a journey through sound. Where will he go? Nobody knows, but much of that will be in the ears and mind of you, the beholder.

On offer for your delectation will be two divine tracks by the man himself, an equally worthy Matho remix plus a predictably beautiful remix by my latest greatest find, the aforementioned Micromattic. So, get yourselves over to BeatsDigital NOW, lest you should go hungry.

Bon appétit, you mucky pups!



In 2004, NASA made the almost impossibly beautiful move of transmitting what happens to be my favourite song, The Pixies' Where Is My Mind, to 'wake up' the Mars rover, Spirit. And now, in 2010, Bassnectar is waking up the minds of Earth-dwelling music-heads with his reworking of the 1988 alt rock classic. Dropping on last year's Cozza Frenzy tour, Bassnectar's remix updates The Pixies' own haunting lyricism and moody riff with some club-friendly heavy beats and bass.

If you pop on over to Bassnectar's Select Kutz you can get yourself the download for free, or if you're a DJ wondering Where Is My Instrumental, well, wonder no more, for the titular set piece itself is also residing with the kutz of greater selectivity. 

This text will be replaced

Parker's comic remake of the dubstep classic TC's Where's my Money (Caspa Remix). Dubstep meets The Jungle Book meets the wild monkey ramblings of DJ Moneyshot on the mic.

Download Parker  -  Where's My Monkey?

Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy

Somehow I missed the email with a couple of free downloads from Bassnectar who's album Cozza Frenzy dropped recently. Anyway to use the old saying better late than never. If you don't have the album here's a couple of superb MP3's for you to download. The title track and a remix of Fever Ray's excellent  When I Grow Up.

Cozza Frenzy, an amalgamation of sound combining dubstep, electro, hip hop, and all styles of dirty digital bass-heavy music and smashing it all into a collision of wobbling, intense basslines and hypnotic hide-and-seek adventures. The album, 3 years in the making, is out now at as well as all online retailers. The 15-track collection features collaborations with artists such as Fever Ray, Zumbi of Zion I, Mr. Projectile, and Capital J. Hard copy CDs hit store shelves on October 26th with remix and DJ Tool collection packs to follow.

Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy

Download the MP3's  for free Cozza Frenzy | Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Bassnectar Remix) and buy the album from or your favourite store.

PS you can still grab Bassnectar - Land Of The Lupes (Free Download) as well.

Visit and follow Bassnectar on twitter @bassnecta

Etienne Jaumet - Night Music

From the album Night Music, debuting on Domino, comes this piece of infinite musical wizardry from the French artist who makes up one half of Zombie Zombie, and one whole Etienne Jaumet.

For Falling Asleep, produced by Carl Craig, is certain not to disappoint musos and electro fans alike with its rich yet select back catalogue of influences. Expect perfectly placed astral effects to flitter over the synth soundscape, consummated by the very beautiful notes of harpist Emmanuelle Parrenin.

Check out For Falling Asleep below:

Black Dynamite [Soundtrack]

vinyl4giants has a quick interview with composer of the Black Dynamite OST Adrian "AJ" Younge. The film directed by Scott Sanders and starring Michael Jai White is a homage to classic 70's Blaxploitation flicks and needed a homage soundtrack to suit. Those familiar to the genre will know that it's one where the music is hugely integral. Often the soundtracks were works of a far higher calibre than the films themselves. Legends of funk and soul contributed to and created albums, some of which are amongst the greatest recorded works of all time. You just have to listen to Curtis Mayfield's sublime Superfly OST once and you'll see what I mean. Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack and the Godfather Himself James Brown were all to create sonic backdrops for these black action flicks. Brown even made an album for a film that didn't exist, The Payback (Rejected by Larry Cohen as the soundtrack to Hell Up in Harlem), Brown himself felt his Black Caesar OST was sub-par.

Understanding homage is not the same as copy, Adrian "AJ" Younge has taken inspiration and developed the score he would have made had he been working at the time.

You can buy the Black Dynamite OST using the amazon links below this post or from (comes with bonus track  Tears I Cry).

Black Dynamite - Posters

Black Dynamite - Trailer

Check out the official site at

vinyl4giants posted the mp3 "Shot Me In The Heart" which you can listen to below or download.

Via: vinyl4giants

CunninLynguists - "Running Wild" Featuring E-40 And Evidence

"Produced by Kno and featuring emcees Natti and Deacon The Villain trading verses with Evidence of Dilated Peoples and Bay Area legend E-40 about society’s uptick in chaos and violence, CunninLynguists‘ “Running Wild” is the official first single from Strange Journey Volume Two, the second installment of this year’s double release from the trio."

You can download the single for free over at QN5's Blog and Strange Journey Volume Two is available to pre-order now.

Via: [AUDIO] CunninLynguists - “Running Wild” featuring E-40 & Evidence

Daniel Wang - The Balihu Years 1993-2008

It's the weekend, and many of you may well be getting your groove on to the increasingly popular sounds of Disco House. Unless you've had the distict misfortune to have been stuck under a rock lately, you'll probably know that long-established Disco House producer Daniel Wang has recently released a retrospective album of work taken from his own label, Balihu, informatively titled The Balihu Years 1993-2008.

Plucked from this generically du jour album, my pick for a weekend pick-me-up is the sweetly uplifting Free Lovin; a gorgeously chipper little number that sees classic Disco infusions sweeping what'll probably be the cutest, most free and unassuming track you'll have the pleasure to gift your ears with this weekend.

The Balihu Years 1993-2008 is out now from Rushhour.

You can also check out Daniel Wang's Like Some Dream from the collection over on our tumblr.

Get your digital download at Boomkat.

ZKPRZ (Free Digital Download) Featuring Madwreck and Mattic

The Others' Madwreck and Mattic (of the Wax Tailor crew) along with Catt Magle (producer for Sonny Cheeba, Phonte) have released a free album entitled ZKPRZ. It's a dark, soulful, and sample heavy record.

"We wanted to give something to all hip-hop heads out there to show them some appreciation. The album will be free until physical copies are released later this summer." ... Madwreck

Download it now!

Bassnectar - Land Of Lupes

I took the beat of a long-overdue unreleased tune called “Stretch Reflex” and melted it together with the synths and melodies from another song that was supposed to be on Underground Communication, but ended up getting saved for later. It was written as a pensive homage to the dead, the original melodics sound like a black metal song but in this version they have kind of a nice 1990’s Orb or FSOL feel to them…that sound will never get old for me! Then i took some of the prettier melodies from that song and mixed them with a Lupe Fiasco acapella (i looooove his voice) and it became one of my favorite tunes to close a party with. follow Bassnectar on twitter @bassnectar

Listen to it below or download Land Of The Lupes.

Via: New Free Music: Land of The Lupes!

Onra - 1.0.8 (Digital Download)

Onra's latest album dropped a little while ago, but I forgot to mention it so here's a link to amazon for those who want to check out the previews and maybe purchase it. (It's an affiliate link obviously and we will earn a few cents / pence if you do)

Onra previously contributed to the brilliant French beats compilation La Boulangerie (A LateMag favorite). His last album was the excellent Chinoiseries which produced the standout track The Anthem.

Download 1.0.8 from |

Finders Keepers Records

Manc-based vinyl-vulture, recording artist and record producer Andy Votel enlists the skills of fellow B-Music DJ and designer Dominic Thomas and Delay 68's Rare Disc Detective Doug Shipton to form a team of psychedelic librarians and cosmic-pop-quiz-elitists to run their new Twisted Nerve distant sister-label, leaving no progressive pebble unturned or record collection un-rifled.

Future compilations and re-issues will feature collaborative curators such as David Holmes, Cherrystones and Bob Stanley and further contributions from mystery A- / B+ pop-celebrity fanatics of outsider music and ultra-rare bakelite discs. Finders Keepers is an 'accidental world music label' with a punk aesthetic and DJ friendly ethos which allows the desperate listener to sit back while we deliver schizoid cultural channel-hopping compilations and rocking-horse-shit & hen's-teeth re-releases to the comfort of your psych-starved living room...

Diego Bernal - For Corners

"For Corners is the first full length album from Diego Bernal, a civil rights attorney and beatsmith, located in San Antonio, TX. For Corners is Diego Bernal's love letter to the music, cultures, era and people that nurtured him.

The music is dusty and layered with Latin soul, from the triumphant blasts of horns to the laid back groove of lowrider melodies. It is a call to return to the simplicity and integrity of hip-hop's best moment and an invitation to enjoy a slightly different kind of southern comfort. Not so much dirty south as directly south. The full album is a completely free download."

Mintpass Mintpad

As they say in Manchester, this is Mint. It's always strange but sweet to see a modern update on age-old behaviour, and this particular gadget works at updating the old naughty school favourite of note-passing. Writing with a stylus, you can pass notes to other Mintpad users from this wireless, handheld gadget. But that is not all, Mintpad also functions to play up to 4 GB of music or videos and uses WiFi to surf the net on a 320 x 240 display screen. So, in the not too distant future we could be seeing hormonally-driven school kids everywhere scrawling "my mate fancies you," this time in stylus.

Mintpass Mintpad

Visit Mintpass online here.


Razor iMod Scooter

This "Eurostyle" motorized scooter has to be top of my Christmas wish list. No, not for myself (though I wouldn't refuse if anybody's looking for possible gifts) but rather it is my wish parents everywhere would buy these for their kids. Complete with two full-range speakers, iPod docking station and FM stereo, the iMod from Razor, I believe, could go some way towards banishing terrible teens' tinny tunes. Yes, it would seem that the youth of today must have music wherever they go, so please, people, furnish your little ASBO with an iMod so, though we must be forced to hear their terrible taste in music, it'll at least be of a quality of output less grating. Retailing at $299 exclusively from Toys 'R' Us, this little beauty can go up to 10 miles and 15mph on a single charge. Handily enough, the seat can be lifted to reveal a small storage compartment which for the rest of the world will probably be used for sweets, but in England doubtless equates to a useful place to pop your fags and booze and any little 'extras' you need for a night at the park. I can only pray that January 2009 will see a spate of less musically-challenged drive-by scootings.

Via: Chip Chick Go DRM-Free

Digital downloads are truly a wonder of our modern time, affording us freedom from the dark days when we had to fork out for an album when all we wanted was one or two tracks. However, there have been certain curtailments imposed upon our freedom thanks to the ball ache that is DRM. Well, thankfully, have seen fit to follow 7digital down the DRM-free route, adding titles from such big players as Sony BMG and EMI to their existing DRM-free catalogue at PlayDigital. Further to that, have entered into a certain Clash of the Titans by making a move to significantly undercut existing charges at iTunes. Head of PlayDigital, Wendy Snowdon, had these fighting words to say:

"We now have an offer to rival that of iTunes, yet in a format that gives the consumer choice and at a more appealing price. This site has been a phenomenal success since launch and now, armed with the full back catalogue and current releases from the all the majors, we are fantastically placed to take a bigger bite of the apple."

Well, you heard the lady. I think that makes it Round 1 to PlayDigital, don't you?


Via: Gizmodo UK

Rolly, the new innovation from the wizards at Sony is an MP3 player with a twist, literally. In this case “twist” is a verb. Yep, that’s right folks, because Rolly doesn’t have a twist, he can actually do the twist…or the tango, or rock and roll, or maybe you would prefer him to boogie. That’s because Rolly isn’t just an MP3 player, he’s an all dancing, all flashing robot as well.

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence Rolly is a palm sized, egg shaped portable audio device with motion capabilities, meaning he can spin and dance to the rhythm of music (you’ll notice I keep referring to him as “he” as from the moment he first arrived on my desk shaking his little eggy butt I’ve found him too cute to simply call him “it”).

Sony Rolly

So let’s talk the tech. Weighing in an 300g, Rolly packs a lot of tech in his shell (no egg pun intended). There’s 2GB of built in memory which gives storage to approximately 520 four minute songs encoded in 128kbps and also supports DRM free AAC formats. With a digital amp and two stereo speakers with neodymium magnets providing the audio, Rolly doesn’t have an earphone jack so isn’t competing in the personal MP3 market. The motion is achieved through 2 wheels, shoulders and arms, a set of each on either side, working in unison with two rings of light capable of emitting over 700 different colours. The Lithium Ion battery is charged via USB through the computer and last approximately 4-5 hours depending on the use of the motion and lights. Rolly also contains Bluetooth technology allowing users to steam music from other Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones.

Accompanying Rolly in the box is also the Rolly Choreographer software, enabling users to transfer and organise music onto the player and then either automatically assign motion or create their own custom choreography to their tunes. Motion of up to 7 minutes can be assigned to any one song.

Sony Rolly

That’s the tech out the way, so what was Rolly actually like to use? Well, the player itself is extremely intuitive albeit a little unique. The controls are motion activated so that when the device is held vertically the top wheel changes tracks and play groups depending on the amount of spin, and the bottom wheel changes the volume. The only other control, apart from the on/off/Bluetooth enable switch is a single button which activates the player in either full motion mode or playback only. The playback only option is actually extremely beneficial as it enables Rolly to really be used as a simple audio device, making him a great travel companion. As someone who regularly travels, having an MP3 player this size with built in speakers saves me having to carry separate speakers and cable to listen to music in my hotel room – a real bonus.

The sound quality is actually pretty good with clear clarity. The only thing maybe lacking is the base, but with speakers of this size this is acceptable and no different to any other comparable on the market. 

But the real “selling point” of Rolly is his motion capabilities. The supplied software allows you to automatically assign motion or use the Motion Editor to choreograph your own.

First up lets look at the Automatic feature….

The Automatic Choreography feature uses 12 tone analysis and beat analysis technology to analyze music on your Rolly, and then automatically creates motion that matches the music.

Naturally Rolly seems prone to laziness and it takes quite a fat tune to get him off his little eggy arse. We tried the automatic motion function with three different tunes, and despite giving him some fat beats to grove to he had a tendency to stand there like a kid at a school disco just clapping his hands, or flapping his wings in his case. The first 2 tunes, Skibadee and Nappy Roots produced a rather lame effort though he did get rather more excited with Papa Was a Rolling Stone and busted a couple of funky moves of his own accord. So despite being slightly sedate in this mode, Rolly at least seems to have quite good taste in music. I actually think the automatic function works better with slower beats as the quicker tempos don’t seem to register as well.

Next, the fun begins, it’s on to the Custom Choreography…..

My only gripe here is that the instructions are somewhat lacking and it’s more a case of trial and error to get the hang of it. Nether-the-less after a bit of playing around it’s fairly straightforward. The screen is divided into two sections, the right showing the motion editor and the left showing a 3D graphic of Rolly that simulates the movement you are creating.

Once you select a tune the software analyses the beat, provide you with beat lines that help you place the motions accordingly. By placing points on the Editor you can control the arms, wheels, shoulders and also the lights. This takes a little while to get use to, but having the 3D Rolly on the left really helps you understand how the point placement will affect the motion.

Understanding that producing the motion for an entire song could get a little tedious if you have to coordinate every move, Sony have kindly provided a library of set moves that you can use in conjunction with your own creations. There is also a lighting library to “quick create” the lighting effects as well.

Unfortunately I don’t think my first attempt did poor Rolly justice. I had him spinning and flapping like a lunatic (maybe appropriately) to Superfreak, looking more like a drunken dad at a wedding rather than the sophisticated choreographed robot he is meant to be. Never mind, there are others who have done far more wonderous things than I to show off his capabilities and I was still incredibly chuffed to see him performing my instructions perfectly. In fact I can really see there being Internet sites dedicated to “dance offs” that people have created with their little robotic Rolly friend.

Overall, Rolly is a fun gadget, a decent MP3 audio device and a one-of-a-kind that I’m sure will provide gadget-heads and kids alike with endless hours of entertainment.

Rolly dancing MP3 player at 

Sony Headphones

Ear, how would you like studio-quality in-ear sound formed with precision and comfort? If that whets your audio appetite, then you'll be hungry for Sony's new EX range of aesthetically-styled, preformance-enhanced headphones. The MDR-EX500LP and MDR-EX300LS models deliver optimum, high-end, studio-level sound, while an innovative multiple-layer diaphragm prevents resonance and distortion. If you're working to a tighter budget, have lovely lady-ears, or are an audiophile of dinkier proportions, Sony has created, just for you, the MDR-EX33LP and MDR-EX35LP models, which run as their fun, affordable output with dymanic range and deep bass plus extra-small earbuds to fit your delicate listeners.

Sony in-ear headphones

Sony are concurrently launching the BT range of wireless Bluetooth Stereo headphones, ideal for less sedentary music-lover.


Creative have a bunch of new MP3 players on the market, the Mozaic, ZEN X-Fi (8GB) and The ZEN X-Fi (16GB & 32GB) with wireless LAN.

The ZEN X-Fi in its 16GB & 32GB versions, supports wireless for extra versatility. It Features Xtreme Fidelity technology, which restores crystal clarity to MP3s and takes all your music to a higher level. The top-quality in-ear earphones give you the best music playback, and Wireless LAN support lets you stream music and video from your PC to the player around the home, download content and chat online. The large, full-colour screen is great for watching videos and photos, while the built-in speaker lets you share your music. With FM radio, voice recorder and SD card slot for extra storage. The 8GB version has teh same feature set, but lacs the Wireless LAN support.

If like me you don't like running unnecessary applications on your computer and dislike anything that supports DRM creatives players are a great choice. I get loads of use out of my Zen and will be looking to upgrade to the 32GB ZEN X-Fi.


 Sony's "Rolly"

Sony has announced that "Rolly"  will be available in selected European outlets this October. "Rolly" is Sony's unique palm-sized music entertainment player which spins and dances to the rhythm of music. 

Via: Sony Europe

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