Amaki Chair From Odue

The Amaki chair is part of the contemporary Odue range from Italian manufacturer Oasis. Taking inspiration from nature to create forms reminiscent of Future Systems amoeba inspired "Blob" architecture, the Odue range is at the forefront of funky organic form interior products.

Odue Amaki

Odue Amaki

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Interstuhl Silver Sunday high

Home Edit featured the "silver" from Interstuhl, which is a three legged swiveling office armchair. Designed by Hadi Teherani The chair is available in either high (above) or low backed (models). models. The aluminum frame and brown upholstering contrast and compliment each other fantastically.

Interstuhl Silver Sunday Low

I love the slightly villainous aesthetics of this design, it certainly coveys a feeling of importance. A contemporary classic in my humble opinion.

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Tonon Chair

I have a slight fascination with asymmetrical chairs that make you somewhat dubious as to whether they will remain upright if you put your weight on them. Maybe it's just a stability paranoia  I have or maybe it's a simmering respect for the Designer’s clever enough to make not just an object of beauty (who said symmetry was beautiful?) but also an object of improbable illusion and engineering prowess.  The One for Two chair by Italian company Tonon is a perfect example. 

Available in red, orange and white, the colour range is as striking as the silhouette.

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Tonon Chair

Via: Trendir

Smile From BBB Emmebonacina

Some things make you smile because they induce happiness other things make you smile because they are beautiful. The Smile armchair from BBB Emmebonacina falls into both categories primarily because it is beautiful but which in turn induces happiness. Be happy people, embrace a Smile, or better yet let it embrace you.


For more information visit BBB Emmebonacina

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