I've got a certain sunshine on a cloudy day today and, indeed, all the other days of late. But I guess that you'll say, what can make me feel this way? Well, that would be the current object of my fickle aural affections; Micromattic. Yes, music is the food of my love and I do play on... and on, and on to the point where I'm glad I can't wear digital out. So, lend me your ears, please, for I have something I'd like to play to you...

When I first heard Reconstellation by the literally awesome Bulgarian master of electronic noise, Nikolay Seizov (aka Micromattic,) it was love at first listen. But I wasn't merely taken with some ephemeral moment of audible delight for my happy ears, I was utterly fascinated, structurally, in a way that I haven't been since I was young listening to Eat Static's Prana. So, this is something pretty special, of course, but this musical wizard has many more tricks up his sleeve than the incredibly skilled array of bleeping goodness in Reconstellation.

The now London-based artist formerly known as Microwave has had many years on the music scene, from djing in his home country to collaborative live sets and the beginnings of production that led to his current incarnation as Micromattic; the Wii controller-manipulating, audio/visual show-stopper who's busy gaining recognition by some heavy-hitters in the industry for his talents. Earlier this year he released his debut EP Under Over The Clouds on Absolutive Records (who, I might add, set up their label purely so they may sign his lovely output) and it is quite the thing of dreamy IDM brilliance. How does he do it? He's so clever! (my Zippy mug.) But will this new-found love be an audio affair that goes the distance? Well, all I can say right now is I'm thinking he's one to watch, and watch I most surely will.

I don't need no money, for I have been gifted with the audible treats, but people do please be good to your ears (and each other) by heading on over to purchase the 12" vinyl at Juno Records (yes I know it's currently out of stock, but good things come to those who wait an' all.) 

Or, if you prefer, you can get yourself the download, complete with the inordinately sublime Reconstellation and two exclusive and beautiful UOTC remixes at BeatsDigital.

Also check out SoundCloud, for amongst the delights is a free download of January - Careful What You Tell The Skies.



Minimal Plus Seating System From JSPR

Aptly named the “Minimal Plus” series, you would be hard pressed to find to find a seating system that conveys the minimalist look so faithfully. As the ultimate in simplicity, the straight uncompromising lines are only interrupted by the star shaped pattern on the concave elements of the pieces, which are made from foam covered in a layer of Realskin rubber.

Designed by Philip Bogaerts for JSPR, each item in the Minimal Plus range works as a standalone piece or can be combined together to complete a lounge area.  Each piece is available in 20 different colours, ranging from earth tones and monochrome through to electric bright hues of pinks and yellows.

For more information visit www.jspr.eu

Minimal Plus Seating System From JSPR


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