Lofty Stainless Steel Chaise-Longue

Stainless Steel may not be the most modern of materials, but its arguably one of the most important of modern times. Once polished it looks great, is 100% recyclable and as the name suggests it "stains less". Though often incorporated into furniture, pieces made entirely from it are not so common. Only 50 of these striking polished AISI304 stainless steel Lofty chaise-longue's are produced each year.

Lofty stainless steel Chaise Longue

If Stainless steel is not your thing, the Lofty chaise-longue is also available in self-supporting structure in baydur and polyurethane, upholstered in fabric (stretch one too), or in MDF Italia leather, fully removable upholstery. There is also a version with a non-adjustable headrest.

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