La Fine Equipe And Mattic - Fantastic Planet

Fantastic Planet is the follow up album to La Fine Equipe's fantastic La Boulangerie set, which if your a fan of instrumental hip hop is a must own. In a departure from their last set, Fantastic Planet  is s more traditional Hip Hop set with vocals on every track bar one (not including the intro and outro) provided by American eemcee Mattic. Additional vocals come from Astrid Engberg who you should know from Berry Weights outstanding Music for Imaginary Movies LP.

La Fine Equipe And Mattic - The Hokey Pokey (Music Video)

The album is available from amazon | Myspace

ZKPRZ (Free Digital Download) Featuring Madwreck and Mattic

The Others' Madwreck and Mattic (of the Wax Tailor crew) along with Catt Magle (producer for Sonny Cheeba, Phonte) have released a free album entitled ZKPRZ. It's a dark, soulful, and sample heavy record.

"We wanted to give something to all hip-hop heads out there to show them some appreciation. The album will be free until physical copies are released later this summer." ... Madwreck

Download it now!

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