Kung Fu Wonder Child

While walking down the street, a man and his teenage daughter are attacked for no reason. "Obey me and you will live, turn against me and you will die" cries the laughing maniac. It seems he is after their clans silver skull (don't ask me, I have no idea why they have such an item). The old man refuses to hand over the skull so is told that he and his daughter must die. A fight breaks out in which deadly beams are thrown and ninja smoke blasted, but the man and his daughter are quickly overcome. The laughing maniac then takes the souls of the defeated twosome and places them in pots with others who have lost to him and tells his zombie slave to guard them.

Enter a beautiful girl who is searching for her now missing father and sister. She's quick with her leg,s but it will take more than that to overcome the evil master and stop his diabolical soul stealing plans. It's not long before she enlists the help of the Kung Fu Wonder child, his grandfather and his two bumbling friends. Together they just might be able to do it, but first the kung fu wonder child has to go through being miniaturised, placed in a dolls house and fight a plastic face hugging scorpion ... no really.

Directed by cult Hong Kong director Lee Tsonam aka Tso Nam Lee (Shaolin vs. Lama, Hot, Cool and Vicious, Black Belt Jones 2). The film stars Lin Hsiao Lan as the titular Kung Fu Wonder Child, quite obviously a female, but she plays a male character anyway. Joining her is the lovely Yukari Ôshima who fans of cult Hong Kong Cinema will recognise from ultimate Hong Kong cult movie Riki Ô AKA The Story of Ricky amongst other stuff. Jack Long is in their as well a guy who has appeared in some real genre classics including fan favourites like The 18 Bronzemen, Born Invincible and Master of the Flying Guillotine.

Kung fu Wonder Child if you have not worked out already from the title is not a serious film. In fact it’s far from such mixing high camp, cheesy dialogue, toilet humour and crazy fantasy effects to produce a pretty ridiculous piece of celluloid fun. I guess it would fall in the fantasy Horror category, but this is low rent stuff compared to Sammo’s Close encounters of the spooky kind or Tsui Harks Zu Warriors of the magic mountain. But to its credit it is very entertaining and will appeal heavily to the fans of bizarre, cheesy and so bad it good films. There’s no getting away from the fact its trash, but its lots of fun and even if it is nonsense. Where else will you hear the line "Shut up! I am your master! I will urinate wherever I want!", or see a couple of young female orphans hopping after there deceased zombie father, who stops to give them a hug … ahhhh. Yukari Ôshima looking like she has been ripped right out of the old Nintendo street fighter game shows off some impressive legwork (and legs). The exaggerated by wires reaction to the blows that are dealt out by the various characters is cool. Some of the comedy is actually funny, which is not always the case with these cheese fests and director Lee is happy to throws in everything but the kitchen sink to make this entertain you.