French company Pinel & Pinel specialise in bespoke luxury goods, an offshoot of which is their Trunks line. Spearheaded by the Pinel we know as Fred, Trunks is "an exclusive multi-function trunk collection, a re-interpretation of the 1930's steamer trunks." In a nutshell, what Pinel & Pinel do is the little-known but rather pleasing art of encorporating stuff into trunks. So, join me as I pick a few faves in the equally little-known but really rather pleasing game that is Top Trunks With Pinel & Pinel...

Pinel And Pinel Trunk

Behold, I give you Movie Trunk! The first in this little list of fold-out faves is this foldaway home theatre system. You can choose the coat from many colours for the wood and leather structure which provides 3-drawer space for holding up to 48 DVD's, and detail is courtesy of nickelled brass. But, I hear you cry, what of the juicy innards? Well, juicy they be as the Pinels have seen fit to to endow this little number with audio/visual output from the mighty Bang & Olufsen. The trunk is home to a BeoVision 6-26 television with DVD1 DVD/CD player, Beolab 6000 subwoofer and 2 Beolab 3 speakers. So, this really does have the junk in its trunk.

Pinel And Pinel Trunk

The Pic Nic Trunk. Rather mythically subtitled "Trunk Of Happiness," this should please anybody out there on a quest for the ultimate picnic hamper. Whilst it may not be the solution to all your problems, it certainly won't hamper a good picnic. Once again, this product is available in a choice of 51 colours and is of wood and leather structure with brass detail. This particular trunk includes "11 drawers in which all the must-have accessories for a champagne picnic has been placed." A compartmentalists dream and surely a must for those in the upper echelons of society who like to shoot, eat and leave.

Pinel and Pinel Trunk

I-Trunk - it's the pocket office! Movie Trunk and Pic Nic Trunk might be what you want, but I-Trunk, in all its super-worky/organisy glory, might be just what you need. With structure and detail as above, I-Trunk contains 4 drawers sectioned for pens and paper and 10 suspended leather files. Also, it comes delivered with 21-inch Apple iMac, JBL Creature sound system and a Canon Pixma iP90 printer. Handily enough, this trunk comes on a set of castors so your stationery need never be stationary.

Pinel And Pinel Trunk

Kibako - "The Green Trunk." The company which provides the option of bespoke crocodile as standard show their nature-loving side once more with the Kibako. Structurally as above, this particular product lets the green fingered folk out there get their trunk on. With two drawers which function as collecting trays, Osram 80w horticultural light and a selection of bonzai maintenance tools, you'll be good to grow in no time.

Well there you have it, four areas of your life that can be foldably trunkated by Pinel & Pinel. Certainly a company to keep an eye on lest any other lifestyle facet should get 'trunked.'

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