Noose Suspension Light

There's a noose loose aboot this hoose! Your electric bills might make you feel like topping yourself, but at a cost of 4750.00 Euros, designer Marie Thurnauer's 135cm suspension light isn't going to help any.

Via: OhGizmo!

Finnish design team, Imu, have struck a chord as self-appointed mediators between the brightest emerging young design talent and the public. One such luminary is Johanna Hyrkas; an all-round creative lady who's also the founding member of Anteeksi design collective. Featured at Imu is this rather fabulous Light Carpet, which "combines a carpet with light and warmth." Made of a combination of thread and light-rope, this durable carpet is high on the usability/comfort factor as the nights draw in. Plumping for the premium version will even furnish you with light show-capable carpet.

If glowing carpets are not entirely your thing, its worth checking out icustomrug for a choice of both contemporary and traditional rugs.

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Pac-Man Concept Lamp By Anderson Horta

Brazilian product designer, Anderson Horta, has lovingly recreated the spirit of the 80's with his concept lamp, "80's Ghost." In an affectionate nod to the decade which brings the fondest nostalgia to a generation of a certain age, 80's Ghost is not only an illuminating cultural icon, but a play on childhood fears, too. As Horta says so well himself, "Let's put some light in our memories!!!"

Via: UberReview

  • Glassbulb Light By OOOMS
  • Glassbulb Light By OOOMS

Available in either 110v or 200v, these glass-shaped LED lights by Dutch design studio OOOMS won't leave you in the dark on designer mood lighting. But the light that burns twice as bright won't burn half as long as each will shine for around 30,000 hours (or 10 years in the lesser-known time-to-romance equation.) See things other people wouldn't believe with Glassbulb Light by OOOMS.

Moree "Lounge" Table

The Lounge indoor table by Moree is an internally illuminated table. Constructed from UV resistant materials. The table takes one standard 60W E27 Standard light bulb and comes with a 5 metre cable.


The  "Lounge" Table from Morree is available exclusively from

The LUA table and pendant lamp by Martín Azúa

Designed by Martín Azúa the LAU lamp is available as both a pendant light or table lamp. Its white polythene construction allows it to be used for both interior and exterior lighting.

The LUA table and pendant lamp by Martín Azúa

The LUA table and pendant lamp by Martín Azúa

Visit manufacturer Arturo Alvarez online at

Via: Contemporist

Bubble Table Lamp

Bubble Table Lamp

This chrome metal Bubble Table Lamp is designed by Valerio Bottin and features a satin-finish polycarbonate diffuser. The lamp takes 6 40w bulbs and stand 510mm high and has a Diameter or 500mm. The product family also includes a suspension version with the same dimensions.

Bubble Table Lamp

Meridian Pendant From Propellor Design

Canada-based studio, Propellor Design, are as upfront about their love of sustainability as they are on their desire to design, and the Meridian pendant light is unflinchingly fulfilling of these dual passions. The Meridian is "a single expression of form and movement" and as such is both celestial and organic. The light, as featured here, is the 16" with Walnut veneer, but also available is the Mondo Meridian, its 24" big sister pendant. Upon request you may custom-order your veneer as preferred, with colourful ecoresin also a possibility.

Meridian Pendant From Propellor Design

Visit Propellor Design online at

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Asteroid Lamp

The Asteroids Video-game was a smash hit for Atari back in 1979 with its iconic spinning triangle vs 2D "asteroids". This multifaceted lamp by Innermost in the UK captures that classic vector design in a super cool light. The plastic version (The original was glass) is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Asteroid Lamp


Kaila Lamps From Bleu Nature

Bleu Nature's stunning combination of natural materials have reached a pinnacle of form and function, and these Kaila lamps are a gorgeous example of this. Measuring from 203-265cm's, these towering 4-bulb inferno's bequeath the softest of outdoor lighting and the debarked wood, lacquered metal base and cotton lampshade give a real enchanted wood feel to your garden.

Visit Bleu Nature online at

Stone Lamp From Artefare

Feeling left in the dark when it comes to finding something a little different in contemporary lighting? Or perhaps the typical chrome offering doesn’t compliment your eco-friendly décor? Well Italian product design company Artefare may be able to enlighten you with some bright ideas.

This Mialolll lamp, hand carved in natural stone, is my personal favourite from a whole range of contemporary lightening that transform the nature of stone.

Visit Artefare to check out the whole range

Trophy From 2b mod

The Trophy wall light from 2b mod is a limited edition, hand-moulded resin lamp that will light up the eccentric Brit in you. This 26"Wx37"Dx32.2"H prize piece will set you back a $7900 ransom, but on your wall, I think you'd agree, it would look very handsome.

2b mod Trophy

Visit 2b mod online at

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