Sweetcon is a self hosted (on your own domain) tumblelog / lifestream software. A kind of hybrid of Tumblr and Friendfeed. You can use it as an automated lifestream like Friendfeed, a quick blogging tool like tumblr or a combination of both. Its in Public Beta, so though future improvements are likely is pretty stable and fully functional. While it lacks friendfeeds social aspects, in that it has comments but no built in friends to follow you, it has the advantage of not looking like crap. Tumblr looks great (plenty of themes to play with etc.), but as of yet there's no self hosting option and the number of feeds it can import is now limited to 5. There's no bookmarklet like tumblr, but that's something that could well appear in the near future.

Sweetcon is the brainchild of Yongfook who created and runs the popular Opensourcefood website. For an example of Sweetcron in action you can visit his personal site at www.yongfook.com and check out the video on his "The Blog Is Dead!" post that really explains the software.