Black Dynamite [Soundtrack]

vinyl4giants has a quick interview with composer of the Black Dynamite OST Adrian "AJ" Younge. The film directed by Scott Sanders and starring Michael Jai White is a homage to classic 70's Blaxploitation flicks and needed a homage soundtrack to suit. Those familiar to the genre will know that it's one where the music is hugely integral. Often the soundtracks were works of a far higher calibre than the films themselves. Legends of funk and soul contributed to and created albums, some of which are amongst the greatest recorded works of all time. You just have to listen to Curtis Mayfield's sublime Superfly OST once and you'll see what I mean. Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack and the Godfather Himself James Brown were all to create sonic backdrops for these black action flicks. Brown even made an album for a film that didn't exist, The Payback (Rejected by Larry Cohen as the soundtrack to Hell Up in Harlem), Brown himself felt his Black Caesar OST was sub-par.

Understanding homage is not the same as copy, Adrian "AJ" Younge has taken inspiration and developed the score he would have made had he been working at the time.

You can buy the Black Dynamite OST using the amazon links below this post or from (comes with bonus track  Tears I Cry).

Black Dynamite - Posters

Black Dynamite - Trailer

Check out the official site at

vinyl4giants posted the mp3 "Shot Me In The Heart" which you can listen to below or download.

Via: vinyl4giants

Movie Grooves

UK-based mail order webstore, Movie Grooves, promises to bring you "the grooviest, jazziest, sleaziest, easiest, funkiest and scariest cult movie soundtracks and funky and groovy library music from the 60s & 70s." Well that's the mission and they duly deliver, but do they deliver?

As a sometimes customer myself, I can personally vouch that they do. Their "by fans, for fans" mentality really does pay off, with the result a glorious wealth of lesser-known and hard to find soundtracks plucked with a passion belied by their 1000+ titles. It really is a virtual world of musical loveliness and one which will doubtless take you into somewhat of a temporal black hole as you rifle through the titles and genres on offer here. They have rather thoughfully provided the addition of audio samples so you can have a snaffle of the delights for yourself before committing yourself to purchase.

I myself went a little Italiano on the soundtrack front, purchasing the following titles:

A Trip? Just A Little...Beat - "A taste of pure Psychedelia in the Italian 60's"

Beretta 70 - "Roaring Themes from Thrilling Italian Police Films (1971-1980)"

Cinecocktail : Calibro 3 - "Funky Energy From The Best Scores of Violent Italian Cop Thrillers"

Well, I can certainly say that customer satisfaction abounded as I was audibly furnished with a delicious array of goodies from the strange and the twee to a hefty dose of rare beats and cool synths. Undeniably a magnificent source for retro classics. Praise be!

Visit Movie Grooves online at

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