MySpace Music

Now and again I wander over to Myspace Music and see if any artists have posted any tracks that catch my interest. This weekend I have found myself listening to stuff from Sneaky, Boca 45, DJ B.Cause and X Clan (but I'll mention them in another post).

Sneaky is an artist I've mentioned before, when his album sampler / EP featuring four tracks from his forthcoming LP "feel like a king ... pluck a string"dropped. I still think "Beduija" is a massive tune, the bass drop is simply sublime. The album is due next month but in teh meantime I have been listening to "Grind The Coffee", which while I'm not normally a huge fan of breakbeats at that tempo, I'm loving this.

Bristol based Boca 45 states on his myspace "I'm trying to make beats how they might sound if they were recorded in 1968 in massive studios with real musicians". Currently I am kind of enamored by "Crime De La Creme" from his 2006 LP 'Vertigo Sounds".

DJ B.Cause is someone I know nothing whatsoever about, I ended up on his Myspace via a post on Analog Giant.The dub edit was cool, but I found myself more drown to his cool "Let It Whip" remix and even more to "Annie's Plane Break" which is a cool little mash-up, though its got a sound in it which kept making me think someone had sent me a message on Skype.

*You can listen to "Crime De La Creme" on Boca 45's Myspace

*You can listen to "Grind The Coffee" on Sneaky's Myspace

*You Can listen To "Annie's Plane Break" on DJ B.Cause's Myspace

*Tracks where available at teh time of posting