Kurt Russell (Stuntman Mike)

While I and many of the contributors of Late Film agree that we're not overly keen on doing interviews, this one was too good to pass up.  Allow me to explain.

It all started when I completed my review for the film Grindhouse and made a remark on Kurt Russell's satin gray jacket.  It was a marvel of  cheesiness and coolness wrapped into one.  I also made a remark on the Icy Hot patches sewn onto it.  Yes, the wonderful hot and cold over the counter pain reliever was prominently displayed along the back and got a chuckle form many in the audience.  Well, as it happens, a young man came across this review and alerted his mother to my love of the jacket.  This was no average mother, this was Anne Beckett of Anne's Embroidery located in Austin Texas AND the same Anne who designed the patches on this jacket!  Now was the chance to get a glimpse of the side of movie making you don't hear much about and I took the time to make the most of it.  

Anne has had the chance to work on a number a films including SpyKids 2, The Return, Second Hand Lions and the amazing Sin City.  Anne pointed out to me that her work in The Return also plays a prominent role in the storyline.  Look out for butterfly jean pockets, that's Anne.  

So how did she get involved with such big screen heavy hitters like Tarantino and Rodriguez?  You grind out work so cool that you grab the attention of head costume designer Nina Proctor who, as Anne tells me, really liked the work she did and brought her on board for SpyKids 2.  From there, Rodriguez became fond of her craft and eventually Tarantino as well.   Anne told me that if a movie ever comes into the town of Austin Texas, she'll get a call.  She also told me that while she's never met the 2 directors face to face, they do refer to her as "that embroidery lady Anne."    She asked me what I would think if she changed the name of her company, Anne's Embroidery, to "that embroidery lady Anne."  I feel it's as good a name as any.  

Anne did caution that as fun and rewarding as the work is, the hours are rough and it's not unlikely that she'll get a call in the middle of the night to come up with something.  While the hours are not so friendly, she is gaining more freedom form the movie making powers that be to design things from scratch.  That's a huge vote of confidence when it comes to ability and she has it.  

Anne's work is not only limited to films, she's done some great stuff for the Lone Star Rollergirls (a Texas roller derby league) as well.  She pointed out that she added an eyelash to the siting woman used in the logo if you look closely.  A very nice touch. 

Kurt Russell (Stuntman Mike)

Anne also told me that Kurt Russell was not the first person who wore the gray jacket but it was actually her son.   So not only is he astute in his reading of this site, but also well dressed.  

Anne, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us and giving me the chance highlight an aspect of film production that doesn't get enough attention but should.