Onra The Anthem

Left: The Anthem Single Right: Chinoiseries Album cover art

"Due to it's immense success and the huge amount of requests for a longer version of The Anthem, Favorite Recordings felt it had to do it's best to satisfy Onra fans, DJ's as well as newcomers to his beats. The brilliantly odd instrumental hip hop beat constructed around vintage Vietnamese pop records picked up in flea markets on a trip to the far east is now available on 7 inch."

The Anthem is taken from the LP Chinoiseries which French DJ Onra began work on in 2006 after a trip to to Vietnam, where picked up some rare (in the west at least) classic Vietnamese vinyl.

Onra previously contributed to the brilliant French beats compilation La Boulangerie (A LateMag favorite)


Check out the short but sweet album version below and search for the 7" version at good record stores near you or go online and order it from Manchester's mighty Fat City record shop.

Via: www.fatcity.co.uk