Ana Bagayan - "Critters"

When 6-year-old Ana Bagayan moved with her family from the Armenian capital of Yerevan to Burbank, California, little could she have known how her formative years would set her up for a certain celebrity in later life. Shunning the usual trappings of female youth for a sketchbook, her Critters series would come to prove that there's nothing like a good frolicking to set you on the path towards artistic renown.

Ana Bagayan - "Critters"

Critters, showing at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle this Friday October 9th 2009, is a series of paintings and drawings that exemplify the influence her childhood had on the work which would see her gain reputation in enviable circles of the creatively conscious. With all the big-eyed innocence of a Manga character, but somehow endowed with a sombre knowing, Critters keeps a firm foot on the precipice of implied darkness with the natural ease that can only come from one who has truly felt it.

Ana currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and puppy.


NOTCOT Looks At "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7"

We posted the "A Kiss From Tokyo", Theatrical Trailer (1964)a little while ago on LateMag. The trailer directed by Stephane Coedel was created to tie in with artist Kevin Darts new book "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7".

The ever marvelous NOTCOT got their hands on a copy of teh book and it's well worth jumping over there for a look.

Superbia by Ben is the illustrator

This exciting and much anticipated series of 8 new art prints has explored landscapes in a more graphic, pattern-like style than ever before.  These 'patternscapes' have come together over several months and within the series there is sure to be a new adventure for everyone! 

Currently, Wish You Were Here is a wonderful collection of 25 eye-popping, optimistic and inspiring A3+ art prints. By the end of April 2009 WYWH will be launching the much anticipated super range of 100% cotton drill, 46cm x 46cm cushions in 3 patternscape designs! Alongside the cushions there will also be available a superb range of 9 high-colour, high-quality fabrics also derived from the patternscapes.

WYWH is an exciting venture created by UK based husband and wife team, Fiona and Ben O'Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator). Ben is the illustrator extraordinaire and Fiona, with her background in Advertising and a penchant for ideas, design and interiors, conceptualises and manages their business and products. Together they create illustrations for commissioned advertising campaigns, editorial, interiors and of course their own art prints and products under the brand 'Wish You Were Here'.

Wish You Were Here art prints!

The concept behind "Wish You Were Here!" was to create a brand of illustrated functional items that the house proud, design conscious could enjoy in their home "We wanted a way for people to enjoy the optimism and vibrancy of Ben's illustrations in the comfort of their own home, and better still be able to use the items everyday!. Our aim is to produce beautifully conceived prints and products that retain our eco and humanitarian ethics, envelope them in Ben’s awe-inspiring, colourful illustrations creating the perfect combination of function and beauty".

"We understand that times are a little more difficult out there at the moment so we wanted to create uplifting artwork that offered people affordable escapism from their everyday grind. In a time where expensive, luxury escapes are not as possible, the aim of WYWH is to bring those beautiful, far away, idyllic places directly to you, beautifying your home in the process!"

Visit and make sure you stop by Ben's Flickr page


Hyde By Edward Kwong

Lost At E Minor posted a few illustrations by Vancouver-based artist Edward Kwong. This depiction of Robert Louis Stevenso's creation Mr. Edward Hyde caught my eye in particular.

Visit Edward Kwong's portfolio website and blog to view more of his work.

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