Hammer Festival London

For all you horror fans who can't bear to let go of that spookily festive feeling, London is playing host to over 2 weeks worth of camp retro horror celebrations by way of the Hammer London Festival. Hamming it up from October 28th - November 15th in three locations (Idea Generation Gallery, Lexi Cinema and Curzon Soho,) the HFL will pay homage to the golden age of British horror with a selection of screenings and an exhibition of previously unseen photos, prints and artwork, as well as a detailed look at the Hammer legacy (hopefully they'll skip past the studio's bloodless resurrection.)

Check out the exhibits at the RIBA award-winning space that is the Idea Generation Gallery.

Screenings will be held at the Lexi Cinema and Curzon Soho.

(Please note: although the Lexi Cinema is screening the decidedly horrific sounding Sing-A-Long Wizard of Oz, this does NOT constitute part of the festival's output.)