Waters Edge - Contemporary Lakeside Homes

The Waters Edge Development is set at the heart of the Cotswold water park not far from the former Roman settlement of Cirencester. Each of the homes offer completely unobstructed views from the large decks built directly over the lake.

waters edge cotswolds

 "The properties have been designed to offer unrivalled breadth, light and wide open spaces. However, the most distinctive feature of any Waters edge property is its frontage. Unobstructed views from the interior complement decking that runs directly along the edge of the 28 acre lake. The relationship between a Waters edge home and its environment is integral to making this development so special."

waters edge cotswolds

 The houses take cues from continental modernism, something still rare in the UK, with its stringent planning regulations (which somehow stop innovation under the pretext of making things in-keeping with the area, but allow the larger developers to fill the country with horrific mock Tudor and Georgian pastiche, built from plans that have probably been lying around since the late 70's)

waters edge cotswolds

The Cotswold Water Park is Britain's largest wetland nature reserve (It is man-made however, the lakes being former quarries)

The homes come with the restriction that you can only be in residence a maximum of 11 months of the year. Making these most suitable to those in the market for a second home in the Cotswolds. 

While I personally think it is slightly disheartening that these are "second" homes, it's great to see contemporary house design being deployed on a slightly larger scale in the UK.  One would hope this will help the case for individuals, architects and developers looking to build contemporary homes for family residence throughout the nation.

CONTEMPORIST just posted the trailer for Coast Modern. An Independent documentary film about West Coast modernism in architecture. Los Angeles to Vancouver and all points in between.

"The film by Vancouver, Canada based filmmakers Michael Bernard and Gavin Froome will take us on a journey through three generations of modern architecture on the West Coast of North America. From the early 20th century, through to the second wave of post-war America, to today’s current modernist renaissance. This film speaks with the architects and their patrons, and asks if Modernism’s time has finally come or did it ever really go away."


Via: Coast Modern on Vimeo

  • Metamorfosis 1
  • Metamorfosis 1
  • Metamorfosis 1
  • Metamorfosis 1
  • Metamorfosis 1

These days, the much-abused abbreviation "eco" is relating to our pocket as much as our planet, and many of us are back to an appreciation of the 3 R's - regeneration, renewal, reformation. With this in mind, architects Jose Ulloa Davet and Delphine Ding teamed up to reform a family home in Tunquen, Chile, which had been built by a local architect in 1990. The resulting Metamorfosis 1, completed September 2008, is one of the more architecturally striking and simultaneously enticing timber reformations yet.

Ventilated timber 'skin' acts to seamlessly bind the old and the new, whilst providing structural elemental protection. Steps wind from the decked patio in escalation of the building via a secondary roof terrace towards the main terrace, which provides enviable panoramic and sea views. Fulfilling dual "eco" purposes, that of being ecologically sound and economically sensible,  this project promotes the global ethic to be less remorseful and more resourceful. Upholding a "less waste, more trees" stance, Metamorphosis 1 shows sustainable is not only beautiful, but makes a house a home.

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