Badge Radiator

‘Badge’ is a striking radiator design from high end radiator manufacturer Aestus and forms part of the ‘Human Living’ collection from luxury bathroom supplier and retailer C.P. Hart. As well as beauty and functionality, ‘Badge’ also boasts versatility, being available either horizontally or vertically.

Badge Vertical (pictured) measures 512mm wide and is available in two heights; 1212mm or 1755mm with a maximum output of 836 watts while Badge Horizontal measures 404mm x 1604mm and has an output of 516 watts.  Rectangular in design, both styles have rounded corners and an oval cut out which adds an interesting design element while also ensuring functionality within the bathroom making Badge ideal for towel storage. 

Each model is manufactured from 10mm thick carbon steel and is available in all RAL colours including bright red (shown), purple, black and silver.  

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