Goorin Brothers Hats

What we definitely lack in the UK is a dam good hat supplier. Even Kangol, born in Cumbria, hung up its hat and left our shores for the good ol’ USA. Maybe its because we are in Britain decidedly unfriendly to the hat. Try wearing a hat on a night out and you are met with a barrage of “no, you can’t wear that in here” or “take that off”. And I’m pretty positive it has nothing to do with old fashioned manners (who knows what fantastical array of weapons or drugs you are smuggle in that beanie eh?). Anyway I digress.

So, for hats people, look not to the UK but the USA, a country that embraces headwear somewhat more than we do with whole brands dedicated to supplying adornments for your head. I particularly like some of the hats from the Goorin Brothers, my favourite being The Clark, a rather beautiful grey wool fedora (above middle).

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