MHS-PM1 HD Snap Camera From Sony

Calling all snap-happy web-lovers, this one's for you...

Sony's MHS-PM1 HD Snap Camera is not only the thing of compact, highly portable and aesthetically pleasing loveliness, but it's big on handy functionality, too. With the ability to shoot impressive 1080/30p HD footage for up to 25-minutes on one battery charge, the MHS-PM1, compatible with both Windows/Mac OS*1, is designed for quick and easy upload to personal computer folders or websites of your choice. Connectivity via the supplied USB cable will transfer the content directly to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion, with the addition of a 'Sharemark' button to pre-select your favourites.

But if you have a preference for still photos, you won't be disappointed as it also features CMOS Sensor technology to produce crisp 5-megapixel pics. Add to that a 270-degree rotating swivel lens with 4x digital zoom that flips over for that increasingly popular pastime of snapping one's self at any given moment (handy if, like me, you're a huge Tumbr fan,) this palm-sized gadget is a must for fans and newcomers alike to the capture-and-share revolution.

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Do your face now!

Such is the imploration of Featuro, the company behind That's My Face, who would like to help you to "understand your face" or indeed the face of someone you stalk love. Utilising patent-pending facial reconstruction technologies, Featuro will transform your photos into 3D sculptures in a myriad of forms, including portraits and crystals. If that's not your style, you can also go for a custom action figure ("you can either choose to order the head only and fit it onto your existing action figure bodies, or buy our complete action-figures pre-fitted and fully clothed,") or perhaps something from the Head range whch offers, amongst others, Pin Head, Cup Head, and, for that Ed Gein touch, Braincase (a one-of-a-kind full head storage box with cranial lid and inner brain lid.)

That's My Face

In the further adventures of Featuro's mission for full-scale facial understanding, they've teamed up with MechRC to offer the as yet unavailable "advanced humanoid robot" which you may customise with the face of your choice. And, though the spooky revelry is over for this year, you may like to consider their idea to "wear someone else's face for Halloween" next year ("this may be the ideal way to scare friends at Halloween" - you don't say.) Or you may prefer to opt for their other suggestion for celebratory scares by wearing the face of a well-known serial killer of your choice.

 Visit That'sMyFace and let them homage your visage.

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