VFX Shotgun blast to the head of actor Michael Campbell's head in Michael A. Nickles independent horror XII.

I love the way this is set to such an upbeat tune, I'd love to see a whole horror movie set to ridiculously upbeat music.

If that little vfx shot has peaked your interest in the movie the synopsis is as follows: Claire Norris (Emily Hardy), a young waitress in a small-town diner, sat on a jury, along with eleven others and listened to the evidence against a man accused of a crime against a minor. After days of difficult deliberation, the man - Leonard Karlsson, Jr.(Jeremy Fitzgerald) - was found guilty.

In prison, the "unspoken rule" regarding such crimes was enforced - Karlsson was beaten by the other prisoners to within an inch of his life, his face severely disfigured as a result. Now out of prison, Karlsson returns to the town that held his trial. Still severely scarred and barely recognizable, he conceals his wounds…and his identity.

In one horrifying night, he once again faces the twelve jurors who decided his fate.

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