SYNC By Elliot James

From young, and by the looks of things rather talented British designer Elliot Barratt comes SYNC. A modular seating system which consists of engineered upholstered cubes. Each seating cube sits on gas springs. When pressure (you sit down) is applied to a cube the surrounding cubes become the seats arms and back rest, regardless of which cube you choose to position yourself on. With a vast number of upholstery to choose from and base plate covers availble in several finish, the style options are near limitless. Each cube is 450mm x 450mm 700mm (At starting height) and its minimalist modular design means SYNC with be at home in anything from swanky apartments to public spaces.



Visit to find out more

Predator Lamp Table holding a Laser Gun

Predator Lamp Table holding Nunchucks

Predator Lamp Table holding Nunchucks

Predator Lamp Table holding Nunchucks

Saw these at The Gadget Show Live and thought they where rather cool. Each lamp table stands 75cm and is welded to a chequer-plate base for added stability. The detailing incorporates bearings, nuts, springs, cogs, bolts, chains and steel fabrication.

With a new Predator movie on the way, it's the perfect time to get on for the sci-fi fan who thought they had it all.

Pick yours up from ProMech Racing

Four Works

"Four Works" is a chair come workstation designed by Danish Studio Four Design. For those that do most of their work or browsing from a laptop this is a nice solution to get you out from behind a restrictive desk. The chair also features plenty of storage, power sockets and an integral light.

Four Works

Four Works

Four Works

Visit Four Design online at


Fritz Hansen PK31 Easy Chair By Poul Kjærholm

Functionalist design-hunters with an eye for the craftily scholastic pieces of Formes Scandinaves can, for a starting price of £7,633, furnish their lives with this classic contemporaneity by Poul Kjærholm. Introduced by iconic Danish furniture design company Fritz Hansen in 1958, the PK31 Easy Chair is a free-standing integration of comfort and artistic conception met with leather and a matt chromed sprung steel base. Leather is available in a choice of seven colours. 

Available at Nest

Via: Retro To Go

Palms II Chair

With his architectural background and roots in Chicago's progressive design scene, it's hardly surprising Jeff Vioski honed his design talents with his self-titled furniture collection. Now based in L.A. but with several showrooms across the U.S., the VIOSKI collection is a modernist's configurative dream. Exhibiting fine mid-century modern aesthetics, the collection puts beautiful form in its high functionality.

Nicholas Sectional

Working with the highest quality coverings (Glant Textiles, Spinneybeck Leather and Designtex Fabrics) and skilled craftsmanship in structural construction, VIOSKI emphasise longevity as well as comfort in each unique, handmade-to-order piece. Accentuating the company's promise to furnish your lifestyle with forms to please the body as much as the eye is the equal assurance of customisation; some pieces, such as the sectional sofas and Isola Lounge, are flexible by design, but custom orders requiring specific modifications are welcomed (a 34-foot Nicholas Sectional for a Hollywood Hills home which required a 75-foot crane to install is exemplary of the lengths to which they will go to ensure client satisfaction.)

Manhattan Bed

But if relaxing design purism isn't comfort enough, VIOSKI's environmentally ecological and socio-ecological ethics should have you sitting comfortably. With three levels of environmentally conscious manufacturing on offer, you can recline sublime knowing that your clean style is sustainable and the durability can be left to posterity. Equally important, though, is the social awareness aspect and theirs is prudent. Aside from the goodness of their hearts, they adhere to the sadly seldom seen yet simple business equation; be good to your employees and they will be good to you. So, if you like your style with substance, you're in good company with VIOSKI.

Aiden Iconsole

Also you might like to check out picture hanging hardware by AsHanging 

P38 Chair By Owen Edwards

Shaped around the honourable concept of escapism, the P38 chair by Owen Edwards pays divine attention to its indulgent purpose. The glossy outer shell gives a sense of protection, whilst the soft black leather encased within pays promotion to the notion of sheer relaxation. Beautifully contrasting materials and curvaceous lines make this design an ideal monochromatic focal point for a contemporary interior.

Handmade to order, pricing runs accordingly.

See here for Owen Edwards' contact details.

Via: Bornrich

What's New What's Next at 200 Lex

On September 23, 2009 The New York Design Center will host the first annual “What’s New, What’s Next @ 200 Lex” a new product showcase featuring hundreds of introductions from nearly 100 participating showrooms. From 2:00-9:00pm the NYDC will open its doors to the entire design community. Designers, consumers, manufacturers and press will attend an afternoon and evening celebrating the very best in design.

Always in the forefront of design, the NYDC will return to its roots, reclaiming itself as THE place to introduce new products. This inaugural event will mark the first time the NYDC and its showrooms will unite and focus on all things new. Designer conversations, presentations, book signings and the industries top editors will showcase what’s “new” and “next” in the design industry.

“What’s New, What’s Next @ 200 Lex” will feature exclusive and informative programming to accompany the hundreds of new products being introduced. Noted names like Ted Boerner, Kirk Brummel, Mariette Himes Gomez, Jiun Ho, and Vladimir Kagan are just some of the guest presenters who will be in attendance for the event. For a full list of “What’s New, What’s Next @ 200 Lex” programming visit

Midcentury Modern Show

Bowing to popular demand from the West of England and thanks to a kind invitation from The Paintworks, The Midcentury Show touches down in buzzing Bristol this October. See furniture and collectables from the middle of the last century; invest in design classics from the likes of Eames, Nelson, Jacobsen and Aalto while enjoying a day out in the city crowned the best city in the UK and Ireland by the Academy of Urbanism in November 2008. Midcentury.Modern's sister show The Midcentury Show has evolved to showcase our vintage dealers around the country.

Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH on Sunday October 11th 2009.
10am - ­4pm Entrance £5 / Children under 14 free. Free Parking and Bocabar Café open.

Curated by

Sofa Workshop

Contemporary, classic and casual sofas, including leather, corner, sectional sofas and sofa beds. Visit our online sofa shop with over 50 designs to select from.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster

James Provost has created an illustrated collection of iconic mid-century modern furniture, including Eames, Bertoia, Le Corbusier, van der Rohe, Noguchi & many more.

imagekind | flick

Via: Design Milk

Kraftwerk DIY Cardboard Chair

kraftwerk is a cardboard chair, designed by Tom de Vrieze. The name  arises from the use of cardboard and kraftpaper-tape in its construction. The polygon, surfaced chair which can not be seen as an origami chair is very light (1,8 kg or 3.97 lb) and strong.

Kraftwerk DIY Cardboard Chair

kraftwerk is constructed from only 4 mm or 0.16 in. thick cardboard.  The chair is filled with polyurethane expansion foam. Originally Tom tried to support the chair using only internal structures, without using foam, but the unfolding patterns became to complex for DIY-builders. While this means teh chair is not as environment friendly as he would have liked. It does meanthe cair is more durable and stronger than some other cardboard chairs. most cardboard chairs are using larger thick nesses (and/)or are layered which are using a lot of cardboard-surface. kraftwerk is built with CFC-free polyurethane low expansions foam bottles. (CFC = chlorofluorocarbons, harmful chemicals that eat away at the ozone. they were most commonly found in aerosol cans, but have since been linked to the degradation of the atmosphere). Foam filling is not actually new in the furniture industry, some well known designs are riccardo blumer's lalegerra for alias and françois azambourg's mr. bugatti for cappellini. Foam filling is probably most know in the automotive industry for dashboards, seats, but also in other industries such as plumbing (water heating), construction and building.

Kraftwerk DIY Cardboard Chair

kraftwerk is available at the tovdesign webshop as a DIY plan for 7 euro.

Kraftwerk DIY Cardboard Chair

Top 25 Interior Design & Furniture Blogs At PadStyle

"PadStyle scoured the web looking for the best interior design and furniture blogs, and below is what we found. From large multi-writer blogs like Moco Loco to more personal fare like Gaile Guevara, the below 25 blogs (plus 5 honorable mentions) are the cream of the design crop."

French company Pinel & Pinel specialise in bespoke luxury goods, an offshoot of which is their Trunks line. Spearheaded by the Pinel we know as Fred, Trunks is "an exclusive multi-function trunk collection, a re-interpretation of the 1930's steamer trunks." In a nutshell, what Pinel & Pinel do is the little-known but rather pleasing art of encorporating stuff into trunks. So, join me as I pick a few faves in the equally little-known but really rather pleasing game that is Top Trunks With Pinel & Pinel...

Pinel And Pinel Trunk

Behold, I give you Movie Trunk! The first in this little list of fold-out faves is this foldaway home theatre system. You can choose the coat from many colours for the wood and leather structure which provides 3-drawer space for holding up to 48 DVD's, and detail is courtesy of nickelled brass. But, I hear you cry, what of the juicy innards? Well, juicy they be as the Pinels have seen fit to to endow this little number with audio/visual output from the mighty Bang & Olufsen. The trunk is home to a BeoVision 6-26 television with DVD1 DVD/CD player, Beolab 6000 subwoofer and 2 Beolab 3 speakers. So, this really does have the junk in its trunk.

Pinel And Pinel Trunk

The Pic Nic Trunk. Rather mythically subtitled "Trunk Of Happiness," this should please anybody out there on a quest for the ultimate picnic hamper. Whilst it may not be the solution to all your problems, it certainly won't hamper a good picnic. Once again, this product is available in a choice of 51 colours and is of wood and leather structure with brass detail. This particular trunk includes "11 drawers in which all the must-have accessories for a champagne picnic has been placed." A compartmentalists dream and surely a must for those in the upper echelons of society who like to shoot, eat and leave.

Pinel and Pinel Trunk

I-Trunk - it's the pocket office! Movie Trunk and Pic Nic Trunk might be what you want, but I-Trunk, in all its super-worky/organisy glory, might be just what you need. With structure and detail as above, I-Trunk contains 4 drawers sectioned for pens and paper and 10 suspended leather files. Also, it comes delivered with 21-inch Apple iMac, JBL Creature sound system and a Canon Pixma iP90 printer. Handily enough, this trunk comes on a set of castors so your stationery need never be stationary.

Pinel And Pinel Trunk

Kibako - "The Green Trunk." The company which provides the option of bespoke crocodile as standard show their nature-loving side once more with the Kibako. Structurally as above, this particular product lets the green fingered folk out there get their trunk on. With two drawers which function as collecting trays, Osram 80w horticultural light and a selection of bonzai maintenance tools, you'll be good to grow in no time.

Well there you have it, four areas of your life that can be foldably trunkated by Pinel & Pinel. Certainly a company to keep an eye on lest any other lifestyle facet should get 'trunked.'

Via: Furniture Fashion

CL 2 Chaise Lounge from m_creative

"The Chaise Longue CL 2 from the series Future Furniture is a striking, but simple piece of seating, which is both stable and comfortable. The original structure allows a simple exchange of upholstery, with choices including leather, twill and others. In addition, the double structure of the head and foot allows you to stow  magazines, books, etc." 

 Visit m_creative to find out more 

Via: Home Tone

Curacao Sofa From Indera

As soon as I saw the Curacao sofa, designed by Fabiaan Van Severen for Indera, I felt like we were old friends. I needed to nurtured by the soft, welcoming lines of this ever-so-comfortable yet ever-so-contemporary chair as if it just, well, fitted somehow.

Intrigued then was I to find that Van Severen’s philosophy compliments my visual instincts. He believes that “furniture and objects have to take their place as if they have always been there”. And boy, I think he did a good job of interpreting that belief into the Curacao. Visually it looks like it has always belonged in my living room. Practically too because little be known at first glance, the back rail of the sofa can be adjusted so that it is the perfect depth for you. Had we been introduced at a young age, my Curacao could have grown with my lengthening legs. Always there, always perfect.

Made from felt fabrics with flatsheet steel feet, the Curacao is available in range of colours including grey, fuchsia and sky blue.

For more information visit Indera

Curacao Sofa

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