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That most notoriously prolific of shock rock procreators, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, has had another baby. No, not the cambion offspring of some incubus tryst, but rather this track by the insurmountably gratifying Brit Indie / funk rockers, The Heavy. Taken from their recently released second album, The House That Dirt Built (Ninja Tune,) Sixteen, with its "pure vintage voodoo soul," conjures the magic with some beautifully reverent overtures towards the late Screamin' Jay's I Put A Spell On You.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present the inimitable Screamin' Jay Hawkins performing his aforementioned and oft-covered hit. Take it away, Screamin' Jay...

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Video for How You Like Me Now? from West Country funksters The Heavy. Featured on their new album The House That Dirt Built which drops tomorrow (5th October). Arctic Monkeys producer Jim Abbiss and members of The Noisettes where involved in the Album, which blends Cinematic elements (Spaghetti Western) with indie rock, soulful vocals and pure heavy funk.

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