Trailer for Gaspar Noé's (I Stand Alone, Irreversible) Enter The Void.

Martyrs DVD

French director Pascal Laugier's Martyr's is both impressive and questionable, its mix of revenge horror and torture porn takes it right out on the limb, with only a few other films. Smarter and better than Saw and Hostel it is, one should not however fall into the trap of saying American / Hollywood "bad torture porn", European cinema "justified explorations of human depravity". This is pretty exploitative for all its esoteric and existential justification, and while fans of extreme cinema and the aforementioned "torture porn" style movies can probably stomach it well enough, I personally would be a bit cautious if you are not naturally a fan of that kind of cinema.

Martyrs is available on shiny discs unrated in the US on April 28th and uncut in the UK on 25th of May. From The Weinstein Company and Optimum Home Entertainment respectively.

Martyrs - Trailer | Website (thanks rude-e)

Lyon, the late 1970s Police inspector François (Guillaume Canet) learns that his brother, Gabriel (François Cluzet), has been released from prison after serving ten years for murder. There’s no happy reunion for the cop and his older brother, but they share a desire to draw a line under the past. Gabriel tries to settle down and François bends over backwards to help him. But real life and the demons of the past catch up with them. For these two brothers divided by the lives they’ve chosen but bonded by blood, the paths they follow strangely seem to lead them to the same impasse.

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