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The End a short animated film by Michel Samreth, Maxime Leduc, Martin Ruyant which was produced by Supinfocom of France in 2005.

A scarecrow faces accusations of treason after being filmed fraternizing with a Magpie.

Skip over to Dailymotion to watch the film in High Quality, it's well worth doing this is a beautiful short.

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La Fine Equipe La Boulangerie

From French Beatmakers La Fine Equipe (Blanka, Oogo, Mr.Gib, Mattic and Chomsky) comes the album La Boulangerie, masters of the sampler one and all. Here they showcase their skills with the MPC over 37 tracks, whose titles seem to come from staring longingly at the scrumptious delights in the pâtisserie window. They cut up soul, funk, reggae, dioulouge, swing, dub, hip hop, arabic music, rocksteady and anything else they come across.

Most of La Fine Equipe seems to have some kind of affilation with the mighty Wax Taylor (The French equivilant of America's RJD2 or the UK's DJ Parker). So you know these guys have pedigree and as all are strong artists in their own right the 30 plus tracks are solid stuff with no padding and being instrumental there's no worries about languauge barriers. Hopefully artists in the US and UK will consider hooking up with these French beatmakers for production because their stuff is fantastic.

Fans of sampling and instrumental hip hop should make this a must purchase. It might be a bit of a search picking it up outside France, but I purchased the MP3 album from in the UK.

La Fine Equipe - Brioche (Video)

Check out Chomsky's Pain Au Chocolat and Oogo's Space Cake below:

Slogan DVD's From Cult Epics

Serge (Gainsbourg) is a hip and successful film director who leaves his pregnant wife to attend the annual advertising awards festival in Venice, and enters into a passionate affair with a young British woman (Jane Birkin). This sexy satire formed the background for one of the swinging sixties' most famous real-life romances. During the rehearsals for Pierre Grimblat's "Slogan", Serge Gainsbourg met the woman who would forever change his professional and personal life: Jane Birkin. They sang together for the first time on the film's theme-song, "The Slogan Song". After which, they recorded their version of "Je t'aime moi non plus". The song became a huge success and set the 70's on fire. Together, they lived out one of the most beautiful love stories ever. Featuring music by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

The Two Disc Special Edition features Bonus Disc including new and vintage interviews with Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin and Director Pierre Grimblat, Interview with French writer, Commentator Frederic Beigbeder plus original 60s/70s TV commercials directed by Pierre Grimblat.

View the original Frech Trailer for Slogan 

Cult Epics has relased the film as a single disc edition DVD for those that just want to catch this French Classic and a two disc edition for collectors.

Video for Blanka's track "Brioche" from La Fine Equipe's album "La Boulangerie".

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