Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko, 29-year-old Ukranian actress, became renowned in the world of cinematography as a result of her Bond-girl role alongside Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. She will appear in the upcoming French production Kirot, and opposite Dominic West and Michael Fassbender in Centurion, a film by Neil Marshall. In addition, she will shortly begin shooting There be Dragons, directed by Roland Joffe.

The 11th edition of the Campari Calendar conveys elements of pure fascination and sophistication through the most intriguing places, moments and rituals of the city. Both on set and in the images, Campari is the magical ingredient of four frantic and exciting days, dedicated to the creation of Campari Milano.

The behind the scenes photographs reveal the passion, fun and involvement of the protagonists, through the production of the calendar shots which will be unveiled in October.

The images were captured by emerging photographer, Simone Nervi. [Click here to view the full set]




Crowd-sourced and curated online fashion gallery

Claire Merry

Claire Merry who modeled under the name Nicole Merry arrives at the UK Premiere of Star Trek.

Claire is Ex wife of French football player Thierry "Va-va-voom" Henry whom she took to the cleaners for a sum reputed to be just south of £10 million pounds in a divorce settlement. (I admit I looked that up, my knowledge of minor UK "celebrities" and wags is minimal to say the least. I do remember thinking the girl in the Renault Clio advertisements was rather attractive and Claire was that girl.

Anyway while it was most probably a profile raising stunt (instead of actually doing anything that requires talent, as is the way these days), I'd like to think she was wearing it as a tongue in cheek homage to the the show / genre. Anyway it's nice to see someone embracing the women-in-silver-cat-suits future, sci-fi shows promised me as a kid.


Goorin Brothers Hats

What we definitely lack in the UK is a dam good hat supplier. Even Kangol, born in Cumbria, hung up its hat and left our shores for the good ol’ USA. Maybe its because we are in Britain decidedly unfriendly to the hat. Try wearing a hat on a night out and you are met with a barrage of “no, you can’t wear that in here” or “take that off”. And I’m pretty positive it has nothing to do with old fashioned manners (who knows what fantastical array of weapons or drugs you are smuggle in that beanie eh?). Anyway I digress.

So, for hats people, look not to the UK but the USA, a country that embraces headwear somewhat more than we do with whole brands dedicated to supplying adornments for your head. I particularly like some of the hats from the Goorin Brothers, my favourite being The Clark, a rather beautiful grey wool fedora (above middle).

For hat heaven visit: www.goorin.com

Dmitry Popov - Gasoline and Glamour

Above: Ashton Shane, James Furlow with 1940 Pontiac

Dmitry Popov - Gasoline and Glamour

Above: Ashley Olivia Stancil, Eugene Zavadski with Thunderbird

Dmitry Popov aims to blur the boundary he see between photography and cinematography. Using each series of pictures to tell a moving story Dmitry evokes the spirit and glamour of motoring in times past. 

www.drivebackintime.com | Drive Back In Time at flickr


I first discovered YesStyle.com through sister site YesAsia.com. Having been a frequent customer of YesAsia.com, an online shopping emporium dedicated to all things in Asian entertainment, I was very excited to see them launch YesStyle.com, an equally impressive emporium to all things in Asian fashion. However my excitement was short lived as I soon discovered that my fat arse (by Asian standards anyway) wouldn’t be catered for in their sizing offering, for when YesStyle launched a couple of years back, the biggest size I could find on offer was a Korean 44/UK 6-8. Now considering the site was all in English and prices in American $, I thought this maximum size of theirs a little bit optimistic considering their target market.
Strangely, they had a link (still there) on the site saying “contact our CEO”. So I thought what the hell, I need to let these people know that my UK 10/12 requirements are not actually that unusual over here and if they wanted to sell to us more generously proportioned westerners then a slightly wider size range might help. Anyhoo roll on to the present day and lo and behold they took some notice (and I am entirely certain it was my email that made all the difference, wink). I happened to be passing the other day, saw about 100 different items I wanted and with a glum face clicked onto the product details only to see that most items now come in sizes 55 and 66 (UK 8-10 and 12-14)! Woohoo!!!
So not only do they have some really funky fashion, they now actually offer it in sizes that I can wear! If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the FREE international shipping to get excited about.

So my only complaint now is they are tempting me into spending far too much money on all the goodies!

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