Propeller From Serien Lighting

This marvelously delicate design fulfills all the criteria a fan needs to, while also giving that special touch to any room. It derives its ethereal form from the manner of its construction: Fabric is quite simply placed over a thin spring wire. In this way room for a bulb is created in the corpus. In line with its delicate frame the light is very soft and gentle. As a fan the design functions extremely well in dispelling air. The number of revolutions and the light are regulated by remote control.

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Phi 2-terra From Phi

This stand fan from Phi creates a gentle breeze with wide, evenly distributed frontal ventilation. Created from aluminium and stainless steel with rubber blades, it is suitable for any room in the house and serves the user with adjustable ventilation with a floor-type dimmer. Pricing is available upon request from Phi, Switzerland.

Phi 2 terra

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