Curacao Sofa From Indera

As soon as I saw the Curacao sofa, designed by Fabiaan Van Severen for Indera, I felt like we were old friends. I needed to nurtured by the soft, welcoming lines of this ever-so-comfortable yet ever-so-contemporary chair as if it just, well, fitted somehow.

Intrigued then was I to find that Van Severen’s philosophy compliments my visual instincts. He believes that “furniture and objects have to take their place as if they have always been there”. And boy, I think he did a good job of interpreting that belief into the Curacao. Visually it looks like it has always belonged in my living room. Practically too because little be known at first glance, the back rail of the sofa can be adjusted so that it is the perfect depth for you. Had we been introduced at a young age, my Curacao could have grown with my lengthening legs. Always there, always perfect.

Made from felt fabrics with flatsheet steel feet, the Curacao is available in range of colours including grey, fuchsia and sky blue.

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Curacao Sofa