Die On Spectrum - Sunflower EP

The Sunflower EP from Newcastle based IDM outfit Die On Spectrum. Combining haunting atmospheric pads and complex drum patterns. DOS takes the listener on an head nodding aural journey through floating lush sounscapes.


Download the Sunflower EP

Nosaj Thing - Drift

Nosaj Thing has gained a strong reputation with his remixes of Flying Lotus etc. (check his MySpace profile). His new LP title "Drift" is available for digital download from today (26th of May), the CD hits shelves June 9th. These days I've pretty much dispensed with CD except for the occasional mix CD, prefering digital or Vinyl depending on what I'm buying. Drift features Nosaj Thing's stunning beat driven ambient electronic soundscapes.

Listen to the full tracks "Quest" over at Analog Giant and 'Coat of Arms' at spinner.com.

You can also listen to previews of all the tracks at amazon.com and boomkat (UK)

Lonely London Lad

Lonely London Lad ("LLL") is actually two American lads - Robert Savage and johnny rK, with one British lad, Billy Fuller.

I'm rather taken with the bands modern psychedelic rock sounds which you can check out both on MySpace and YouTube. A double album is due soon which will be available as a CD only.


Ballface is an experimental (Tracking & compositing experiments) piece by "totee" featuring the track Armor All'd Out by Diego Bernal.

This reminds me quite a bit of Dandy Dawrves and what is Pencil Face although obviously not intended as a full short.


Via: www.antipop.net

  • FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun
  • FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun
  • FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun
  • FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun
  • FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun
  • FILM IST. a Girl & a Gun

Gustav Deutsch is a maestro of found footage filmmaking. In this enterprise, he travels to film archives worldwide, researches, and excavates clips from obscure films, and reassembles them into montage sequences that create compelling visual narratives organized around larger thematic concerns.

In FILM IST. a girl & a gun, the director weaves together a stunning array of color-tinted images from a variety of genres, including scientific, erotic, fiction, and actuality films. Deutsch also obtained privileged access to the film archives of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, enabling him to incorporate sequences from especially rare erotic and sex films into his latest oeuvre. Deutsch adroitly assembles a precisely constructed, mesmerizing ebb and flow of images into extraordinary montage sequences divided into five acts: Genesis, Paradeisos, Eros, Thanatos, and Symposion. 

- notes from Jon Gartenberg Tribeca 09, if your attendig the festival you still have one more chance to see the film Sat, May 02, 11:45AM.

The Wilson Project


Die On Spectrum


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