Coming hot on the heels of the recently featured and rather superb video to Major Lazer's Hold The Line is this equally superb fan video by Troy Cummins. Featuring my favourite animal, the very lovely sloth, Troy's Zumbi is a sweet zombie sloth mashup taken from his own Slothvision series.

WARNING: contains lyrical and visual content of a somewhat 'adult' nature, so unless you're going on the offensive at work it's probably best to leave this one for hometime.

Troy Cummins can be found at MySpace producing his own musical mashups.

Via: Sunday FanVid: Zumbi SlothVision

I received a bit of warming news today to take the bite of the SAD syndrome I am currently experiencing.  Fat Freddy’s Drop, creators of one of my all time favourite albums (B.O.A.T.S), are releasing their 2nd album in the spring after a much anticipated and lengthy wait. Its been three years since their debut album B.O.A.T.S came ashore, but as with all artists worth their bass bin, FFD have taken their time to write and produce their new offering, entitled Big BW, which generally means no filler. If B.O.A.T.S is anything to go by, “filler” isn’t even in these guy’s vocabulary and judging by the new single “Pull the Catch”, taken from Big BW and due for release in the UK 1st Dec 2008, I’m sure we are in for the same audio magic that reeled me in to B.O.A.T.S. – a unique blend of Hi-Tek Soul, Jazz and Reggae like no other.

Another reason to wish for spring to come quickly!

Check out their new single “Pull the Catch”, courtesy of MUZU TV below:

Franco Rosso's seminal British Reggae film finally gets its UK DVD release on the 13 October 2008. The film stars Aswads Brinsley Forde as sound system ‘toaster' Blue. While the mahority of the soundtrack is composed of Dennis Bovell's work, one of the most memerable tunes comes from Aswad themselves in the form of the mighty instrumental Warrior Charge.

Trailer and clips for Babylon

Below: Aswad's Warrior Charge and Dennis Bovell's School Skanking:

This text will be replaced

 Video Credits: Director Tom Jobbins Assistant animators: Charlie Stoddart, Dave Gilbert

Quantic presents ... Flowering Inferno - Death Of The Revolution (Album details at Tru-Thoughts) |

Via: Tru Thoughts

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