Go DRM-Free

Digital downloads are truly a wonder of our modern time, affording us freedom from the dark days when we had to fork out for an album when all we wanted was one or two tracks. However, there have been certain curtailments imposed upon our freedom thanks to the ball ache that is DRM. Well, thankfully, have seen fit to follow 7digital down the DRM-free route, adding titles from such big players as Sony BMG and EMI to their existing DRM-free catalogue at PlayDigital. Further to that, have entered into a certain Clash of the Titans by making a move to significantly undercut existing charges at iTunes. Head of PlayDigital, Wendy Snowdon, had these fighting words to say:

"We now have an offer to rival that of iTunes, yet in a format that gives the consumer choice and at a more appealing price. This site has been a phenomenal success since launch and now, armed with the full back catalogue and current releases from the all the majors, we are fantastically placed to take a bigger bite of the apple."

Well, you heard the lady. I think that makes it Round 1 to PlayDigital, don't you?


Via: Gizmodo UK